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Mac software - 2020-07-03

Parallels Toolbox Review: Quickly Optimize your Mac

While working on a Mac, productivity stays on the top of our heads. Yet, ironically when we have to shuffle with settings on our Mac to deliver a task – create or save content, our efforts go down the drain. Our productivity takes a backseat when we have to find the right application first to…

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Mac software, Top 10 - 2020-06-27

8 Best Ad Blockers For Safari Browser in 2020

I hate visiting those websites which have a trail of ads. These ads keep annoying me sometimes, embarrass me in the meetings and even scare me with the stress of privacy breach. I may be able to bear the first two conditions, but the last one is so risky that it is merely not affordable….

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How-To, Mac software - 2020-06-30

Steps On How To Use Automator In Macos

If you were looking for a robot to carry out your daily and repeated tasks, then you will have to wait for some more time. However, if you were looking to automate tasks on your Apple machine, then sorry to inform you that you could already do that a long time ago. Apple had inculcated…

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Mac software, Reviews - 2020-06-11

Capto Review: Best Screen & Video Recorder App For Mac

Capturing what’s happening on your screen is a great way to explain the problem you are facing. Alongside screenshots helps make better presentations. If you are looking for a screen recorder app that offers video recording too, then you have come to the right place. Our today’s review is about Capto – the best screen…

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