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How-To, Macintosh - 2020-01-13

14 Common macOS Catalina Issues And Their Quick Fixes

macOS Catalina has received positive reviews for its features and apps ever since its release in 2019. If you are a macOS owner chances are you’ve already installed the update. But, as with the case of anything that’s new and in its nascent stage, users have reported macOS Catalina problems. Needn’t worry about these, because…

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Mac software, Macintosh - 2019-12-18

This Is Why Your Mac Is Running Slow

Yes,  every Mac is indeed met with hardware issues in time which tends to slow down its performance. But, when you start experiencing this change all of a sudden before time, then it’s probably your neglect towards your Mac that has brought this concern at your desk. There are several reasons to slow down your…

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How-To, Macintosh - 2019-10-24

How To Erase Hard Drive On Mac Before Selling It

If you’re ready to sell or trade your macOS for something newer, you’re probably thinking about wiping all your hard drive data. After all, securely erasing data ensures that no personal information or private files are transferred to anyone. If you think that deleting your stuff & then emptying the Trash, would permanently erase your…

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How-To, Macintosh, Windows - 2019-09-21

How To Compress Files In Windows And Mac

In 1970, computer scientists used to perform mathematical algorithms in computer codes to find ways to decrease the file size. The process was time-consuming and agitating. Because of this crisis, there has been an ever-growing need to design file compression tools to reduce the size of any file. Yes, we can say that technology has…

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Macintosh, Top 10, Windows - 2019-12-19

Best LaTex Editors Of 2020

LaTex or Lamport Tex is not a new term for those who are regular with writing journals of technical, mathematical, psychological or scientific fields. It is so as LaTex has become one of the most popular methods of document presentation and used for any form of publishing. Now the best latex editors available today can help…

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