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Tech News - 2020-04-03

How To Keep A Window Always On Top In Windows 10

“Always on top” feature on Windows becomes essential when you are working on multiple windows at the same time but want to keep one or more above others. Space might be limited, but there is always one window which matters the most. Despite Windows’s easy switching feature, you want one window to pin or keep…

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Tech News - 2020-03-31

Meetup, The Social Networking Platform, Spins Off From Wework

If you did not know, then Meetup is a social networking platform that is designed to connect people with other people with shared interests. For example, if you like to experiment while cooking something new, you could set up a group and send invites. Also, people can visit the Meetup website and check the groups…

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Tech News - 2020-03-30

Creators Claim Zoom iOS App Is Now Safe to Use

iOS users update to Zoom’s latest version to fix the bug As if working from home and the spread of COVID-19 was not enough. Motherboard on Friday March 27th warned iOS users about a flaw in the Zoom video conferencing app. What were the news and the flaw? Revelation, made by Motherboard showed Zoom video…

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Tech News - 2020-03-29

Is Internet Slowdown The Next Risk Posing The World Amid COVID-19

The next problem we all face is the potential slowdown of the Internet and issues of connectivity. Amid the pandemic, when people are extensively using the Internet-associated services on the web has led to some initial decisions to save Internet data transfer, if the situation is to get worse. Let’s break down why Internet slowdown…

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Android, Tech News - 2020-03-29

How To Install Android 11 Quickly With Simple Steps

Android 11 Developer Preview is out. Here’s how you can install it. Google’s Android marks the beginning of a new journey with its Android 11’s First Developer Preview (DP1). Although it’s a bit early, usually Google releases developer builds in March. But this doesn’t mean Google will compromise with features. Talking about features, Android 11…

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