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Tech News - 2019-12-24

Two Finger Scroll Not Working On Windows 10 [FIXED]

Windows users are able to enjoy Macbook style scrolling with various new laptops like Dell Inspiron, HP Notebooks, etc. However, some of you might be facing an issue, and two finger scroll is not working on windows 10 as of now, do not worry! There could be reasons like outdated software, disabled settings or mouse…

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Tech News - 2019-12-10

Christmas Vibes Hits The Web With Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is back with all the fun to kickstart your Christmas 2019 wait. Started way back in 2004, Google’s Santa Tracker has been the harbinger of Christmas carols, especially for people stuck in their jobs and pile of work in this festive season. With the greatest festive night of the world less than…

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google, Tech News - 2019-12-05

48 New US Banks And Credit Union Partner With Google Pay

Google, a big giant in the game when it comes to using daily routine things, no matter what your geographical location is. From as small as searching something online to as big as making a transaction online, Google is everywhere. Since we’re talking about online transactions, we all know that Google provides many ways to…

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Tech News - 2019-12-05

Are Pirate Bays Of Scientific Research Doing Any Good?

Scientific research papers are hard to find on the internet. To say the least they are not freely available. If you wish to have one, you have to pay a price. That’s where the concept of “paywall” comes into being – you have to subscribe to a website to be able to access content that…

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Tech News - 2019-12-03

Access Same WhatsApp Account On Multiple Devices

It’s been more than 10 years, WhatsApp has launched, and became this huge success worldwide. In 2009 (the launching year of the app), WhatsApp had been crowned as The Perfect iPhone Messenger App, and since then, it’s been unstoppable. Facebook Inc. (another giant in the social media and advertising field) acquired this startup for $20…

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