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Reviews - 2020-03-08

App Review: Call Recorder IntCall

Phone conversations hold a lot of information; call recording is important. Sometimes people need to remember things said on the phone and at other times to keep a record of it. Several phone call recording apps are available for Android and iPhone. But just like many users, selecting the one app for your usage is…

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Reviews - 2020-03-06

App Review: TapeACall: Call Recorder

Call recording is a necessity for the ones who are in constant business of relying on what people say. When the words are so important to you, then keeping a record of them comes as natural. While some Android phones come equipped with software, there are several call recording apps for smartphones. Since the iPhone…

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Reviews - 2020-03-16

Review: Sling TV – Is it the Best Budget Option

Certainly, video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc are replacing cable subscription as they are the future. But which one to choose is difficult and this might leave you feeling nostalgic for the days of cable TV. This is when Sling TV the best streaming service comes in. Here we will review Sling TV…

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Android, Apps, Reviews - 2020-02-29

App Review: Call Recorder- Cube ACR

We need call recording apps for several reasons. It can be for keeping a record of what your contact told you on call, as it helps you listen to the conversation again, in case you missed out on anything. In other cases, someone might be giving instructions for assistance, and you can not make notes…

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Reviews - 2020-01-02

Systweak Software Updater Review

With a larger size of RAM and increased storage space, people tend to install dozens of software on your computer. Most of the applications installed might not be used on a long term basis; therefore, not been taken care of as well. These apps are not only using storage space but also when outdated, pose…

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