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Sci-Fi - 2019-01-03

Sci-Fi Movies To Look Forward To In 2018

The year 2017 has been a great one when it comes to Science Fiction movies. This genre allows production teams to let out their creative best and bring to life what is just a fragment of our imagination. Whether it’s Guardians of the Galaxy or War For The Planet Of The Apes, each of these…

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Sci-Fi - 2017-05-29

Lesser Known Sci-Fi Horror Movies You Must Watch

The horror genre has permeated our lives through age old stories, novels, movies, poetry, video games and comic books etc. Although it has been an undeniable part of popular culture, horror fiction certainly doesn’t get the respect it deserves. This becomes evident with plenty of fantastic horror movies that have existed from a long time,…

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Sci-Fi - 2018-02-20

Sci-Fi Movie Lies Everyone Believes

Sci-fi movies and media sure makes our imagination go freebird with their crazy, twisted stories and scientifically plausible events. Science fiction has also been a major source of inspiration for new inventors and have inspired various gadgets in life. Nevertheless, we often tend to focus too much on ‘Science’ and forget the ‘Fiction’ bit and…

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Games, Sci-Fi - 2017-04-07

Worst Games That Put Great Movies to Shame

Sure, Hollywood is known for some of the greatest achievements in cinematic history, with movies known for their highly creative storytelling. The same can also be said about a lot of video games that not only impressed gamers with gameplay, but are also remembered for their highly detailed cinematic experience. But sadly, video games and…

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Sci-Fi, Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-02-28

Groundbreaking Visual-Effects That Shaped Filmmaking

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony took place yesterday where the best movies released in 2016 were honored for their contribution in cinema and filmmaking. Rudyard Kipling’s adaption of ‘The Jungle Book’ won the award for ‘Best Visual Effects’, competing against the likes of Star Wars: Rogue One. The movie might’ve been able to make…

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Sci-Fi, Tech Facts, Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-02-15

Crazy Tech Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Baffled

Sure we’re living pretty comfortable lives thanks to consumer technology and industrialization. But that doesn’t mean we’re fully satisfied. Regardless of how advanced or high-tech manufacturers claim their technology to be. There are some frustrating flaws that will make you doubt whether they’re trying to make your lives comfortable or simply ripping you off. If…

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