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Sci-Fi - 2020-07-31

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows You Must Watch

Bored of the run of the mill sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother? We’re sure that most of our sci-fi loving readers might already be pretty satiated with the likes of Big Bang Theory. But if you want to delve deeper in the world of science fiction and watch some great TV…

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Games, Sci-Fi - 2017-02-02

Off-beat Sci-Fi Games That are Timeless

For an industry that likes to drown itself in science fiction, there’s certainly no dearth of good sci-fi games to play. However, with tons of game titles available for various platforms, we know that there will always be some titles that will stay with gamers. Although one could find plenty of similar lists that will…

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Sci-Fi, Tech in Pop Culture - 2018-06-15

Sci-Fi Movies You Shouldn’t Miss in 2017

The past year had been a ball when it comes to major sci-fi releases in Hollywood. We certainly are living in a great age of visually spectacular cinema and there’re plenty of highly anticipated sci-fi movies lined up for release this year. Although there’s still some time before these futuristic visions begin to boggle your…

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