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Software - 2020-01-11

Best Subscription Management & Recurring Billing Software

Subscription management & recurring billing software are required by the organization to keep a better record for all the subscribers. Starting from the daily activities of getting newspapers to the monthly video streaming services like Netflix, subscribing to various services is a very usual task. The service provider or the organization cannot always use the…

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Software - 2019-12-23

AdBlocker Software: AdBlock vs Stop All Ads

Surfing the internet can sometimes be a hassle if some unnecessary and annoying ads come along every page we browse. These ads are part of a large group of software known as Adware. Just like every poison has its antidote, so does Adware and that antidote is known as AdBlocker Software. Let us understand Adware…

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Software - 2019-12-07

What Is TikTok Money Calculator & How To Earn From TikTok

The simple answer is YES! The short-video sharing platform, TikTok has made enormous strides in popularity since its release in 2017. Today, TikTok isn’t just a platform for just content consumption, it has become an important medium for advertisers to come with innovative campaigns to raise brand awareness and earn revenues. The lip-syncing app totally…

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Software - 2019-12-31

Duplicate Photo and Video Remover in 2020

We have heard many people saying that duplicates are keeping them stuck on the same page for longer hours. When in a jiffy, we open our folder and see that there are numerous pictures and videos. Now it’s simply tough to finally locate your own requirement at one end and sort duplicates at another. Surely,…

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Software - 2019-12-12

Best Facebook Video Maker To Create Facebook Video Ads

Facebook provides a number of ways to advertise through its platform. Many businesses are taking steps towards this as it focuses on masses. There are various kinds of media ads which are used with certain criteria to be displayed on a potential Facebook profile. If you are a part of this social media giant, you…

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Software - 2019-11-23

Whooper: A Secure Instant Messenger For Enterprise Communication

Coherent communication is crucial in every enterprise between workforce members and executives. But for maintaining real-time communication while simultaneously being wired into your daily work, enterprises need a special platform, a messenger to ensure that the chain of information-sharing isn’t broken. Why a messenger? Because emails aren’t fast enough to share responses, and it’s mostly…

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Software - 2019-11-20

Why Do You Need A Pattern Matcher Tool?

If you are a designer at a textile or paper industry, working on patterns and dealing with designs must be your daily chore. Your collection must be filled with numerable identical-looking patterns. With time, your database is filled with duplicates and similar-looking patterns, making it hard to identify them. Also, staring at patterns and designs…

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