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Tech Facts, Tips & Tricks - 2020-03-31

Is It Possible to Make Money on Torrent Trackers

Earning money has always been associated with traditional ‘offline’ mediums found in the real world. But nowadays, several people are inclined towards the Internet that offers several opportunities to generate fast cash. With such an active growth in various professions related to the Internet, the possibilities to earn passively expand as well. The majority of…

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How-To, Tech Facts - 2020-03-30

How To Delete Amazon Prime Account?

Amazon Prime is a great initiative from Amazon. It offers a number of perks like free two-day shipping (and even same-day delivery at some places), Prime Video and Amazon Music.  Using these add-ons, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies and can listen to your favorite music on the go. Even after all this,…

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Tech Facts - 2020-03-27

The Truth Behind Common Smartphone Misconceptions

Let’s debunk the myths which are commonly believed by every smartphone user. If you’re buying a new smartphone or helping out a friend, read the post first. You will find several real facts behind the common smartphone misconceptions. Following are the few smartphone misconceptions, which are shown with the facts behind them. The Truth Behind…

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Tech Facts - 2020-03-05

How Criminals Order Phones In Your Name? Preventive Measures

Undoubtedly, the progression of technology has brought multiple benefits but along has led to new-age problems, such as identity theft, cell phone fraud, online scams, ransomware and more. Have you ever thought about how we save ourselves from falling into traps? Amongst all this chaos, we all are desperately looking for a solution. Well, the…

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Tech Facts - 2020-02-24

World-Changing Inventions That Got Lost Mysteriously in Time

Our world, our time, the time of technology, and advancements. Technology has taken so much space in our lives that now we can’t imagine even a day without it. From ever-evolving smartphones to ongoing hard work on building the world’s first Quantum computer, we surely have come a long way. We watch in awe as…

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