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Tech Facts, Top 10 - 2019-12-06

Top Emerging Technologies: What’s Hot In 2020?

Though 2019 has slipped away real-quick, technology yet upgraded enormously with multiple inventions in terms of robotics, health, space, artificial intelligence, gadgets, and whatnot. Dark mode made its way as a swish and privacy improved with every passing minute. TikTok still remained under the limelight, Disney came up with an entertainment platform and who doesn’t…

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Tech Facts - 2019-12-04

Octa-Core Vs Quad-Core: Which Is Better?

Technology got wings once it extended its hands to new gadgets and technology in this decade. Just like the smartphones providing 1 GB storage space was enough, however, people are not satisfied with 256 GB storage space. Similarly, the processors which started with the dual-core processors, which was considered as a luxury at a point…

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Tech Facts - 2019-11-25

11 Unknown FunFacts About TikTok

A lot of exceptional things are happening in the world of social media. The things that are nowadays liked by users is insanely unbelievable. Apps such as TikTok which is oriented on its user’s content, has become extensively popular in a shorter duration of time. The app is filled with original videos, which can be…

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Tech Facts, Tech News - 2019-11-15

Friday Essential: What Is Finsta? Is It A New Social Media Trend That You’re Probably Unaware Of?

You’re probably familiar with Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing platform right now, but have you ever heard of a Finsta? No, it’s not any latest app or #challenge, Finsta refers to a Fake Instagram account (Finstagram). It shouldn’t be confused with your secondary or business Insta profile.  It’s simply a secret account, that mostly, teens…

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Games, Tech Facts - 2019-11-14

What Is Random Number Generator or RNG?

What Is Random Number Generator or RNG? Random Number Generator, as the name suggests, is the process of obtaining a random number each time it is required, without being able to establish a pattern from the previous numbers generated. This number can be generated either by an algorithm or a hardware device and is very…

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