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Cyber Security, Tips & Tricks, Top 10 - 2019-11-27

What Significance Does Cybersecurity For Businesses Have In Enterprises?

Cybersecurity, a term that has become prevalent given the recent cases of data breaches, and ransomware on both small and large-scale enterprises. The lack of cybersecurity in business corporations has caused them not just loss of cash against DoS attacks, but also loss of important data, which eventually affects operational decisions and final profit. Despite the…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2019-11-27

How To Get New Snapchat Filters On Your Phone?

Expressing yourself through fresh pictures has been simplified by Snapchat, undoubtedly. We are now getting a perfect selfie using some filters and instantly saving and sharing them on Snapchat as well as other platforms. But are you done with existing filters, and looking for how to get new Snapchat filters? Well, you will be exploring…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2019-11-26

5 Tips to Boost Your Phone’s Signal Strength

Agree or not, but we’re truly living an era where surviving without our smartphone seems almost impossible. This tiny gadget happens to be our all-time favorite companion, and gives us immense power and control to achieve almost anything. There’s so much more that our smartphone can do apart from just texting and calling. But yes,…

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Tips & Tricks - 2019-12-03

Is your PC Running Slow? Know The Reason

Windows PCs, no matter how efficient and more customizable they are, can also have serious performance issues. These issues are associated with several causes from driver updates to disk fragmentation. Once such an issue arises in a Windows PC, users may start experiencing lags and slow down in functioning of system applications.  We here are…

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