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Top 10 - 2020-04-03

Best Online Cooking Classes 2020 (Free & Paid)

Cooking is one of the best stress busters known. And, it is also a fantastic way to pass the time as well as make your loved ones happy. Of course, who doesn’t want to have a delicious meal when hungry like anything? Now the question comes: do you want to improve your cooking skills or…

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Android, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-03-31

The 12 Best Grocery Delivery Apps In The USA

Having these best grocery delivery apps installed on your Android & iPhone can be extremely helpful during this  COVID-19 pandemic. Since we all are practising #SocialDistancing (hopefully you are too!) as it’s one the essential tips to stay healthy, that’s why you might want to shop groceries online.  You can undoubtedly rely on Food Delivery…

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Software, Top 10 - 2020-03-30

Best Online Tax Software To File Your Taxes

For many of us, Tax Filing is itself a broad term. And, getting into the process is no less than a rollercoaster. This even becomes one of the reasons that many Americans avoid filing taxes and escape from confusing situations. But the fact is that we must file the taxes, no matter what. What if…

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Alternative, Top 10 - 2020-03-30

10 Best Skype Alternatives For PC In 2020

Even though Skype comes up with some of the most helpful features to improve user experience, one can look for the best alternative to Skype for PC. Skype, being the oldest communication tool for making video and audio calls, is quite famous. One always gets more options as the technology proceeds in making personalized apps…

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Software, Top 10 - 2020-03-25

Download The Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2020 (Free & Paid)

Creating eye-catching presentations & video content with the newest techniques available & getting your message delivered correctly to your target audience, is undoubtedly a challenging task. Using those boring conventional static presentations to market your products may devalue your brand today. But don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be a huge task today, as long…

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Android, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-03-24

10 Best Two-Player Mobile Games (Android/iPhone)

Whether you are quarantined with your spouse somewhere, or you want to pass your time chilling with siblings, two-player mobile games could be a viable option. From drawing crisscross and stretching lines on a paper to technology influenced games, we have come through a long way. Unlike online multiplayer games that can be played on…

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Android, iPhone, Top 10 - 2020-03-24

7 Best Dance Learning Apps During Social Distancing

I always wanted to learn dance but didn’t get time.’ Forget this thought and give yourself a break! Amidst this pandemic outbreak, practice social distancing and install dance learning apps for beginners to get assistance in every step and get the best out of isolation. Whether you want to perform at a wedding or do…

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