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Top 10, Windows - 2019-06-27

10 Best Disk Space Analyzer Software for Windows

Computers are machined to perform functions systematically. It is built to perform several functions and is loaded with tons of inbuilt features; and one of those functions is filesystem. It’s the system that controls and categorizes data. In simple words, it turns pieces of information into a single file that can be viewed at a…

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Mac software, Top 10 - 2020-01-07

5 Best Free Mac Cleaner Apps to Clean Your Mac in 2020

Mac Cleaner apps are often used to keep your computer optimized, especially when you don’t have time to delve through files and folders to declutter your Mac. These mac cleaning apps comes with extensive features, including junk & temp files remover, RAM cleaner, memory cleaner and optimizer, disk cleanup to make your Mac run smooth….

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Malware Description & Removal, Top 10, Windows, windows 10 - 2019-09-27

Best Anti Malware Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC In 2019

With the Internet becoming affordable, it is fairly easy for people to access it. From individuals to businesses, all of them use devices connected to the internet for storing and processing data, entertainment and other miscellaneous purposes. Computer is a significant device used by businesses and individuals alike to store and process crucial data. With…

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Android, Top 10 - 2020-01-15

10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Are you amongst those Android users who keep on hunting charging point all the time? Well, when your phone is discharged, you are certain to look around for alternatives. Nevertheless, instead of looking for a plugin, you should choose the smarter way and rely on a good battery saver app. There are myriad apps available…

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