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How-To, Windows 10, Windows Troubleshooting - 2020-12-14

How to Check for and Update Windows 10 – 2021

Checking for and installing Windows Updates is a great and effective way to keep Windows running smoothly. Therefore, from time to time to fix issues, patch security vulnerabilities, and other things, Microsoft keeps releasing Windows updates, and security experts recommend it too. Alongside, to stay secure from a ransomware attack, malware threat, virus infections, Windows…

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Windows Troubleshooting - 2018-05-15

How To Fix Your “Computer Restarted Unexpectedly” Error In Windows 10

When you restart your computer there  is apossibility that  you get, “Computer Restarted Unexpectedly” error message on your screen. Typically this happens during the Windows installation and upgrade. Usually, the error message pops up on your computer when you’re using a recovery disk to restore your Windows machine to factory settings. Moreover, when your machine…

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