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Windows - 2020-03-24

Can You Still Download the Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7?

I know this for a fact that if there is a software that is missed by die-hard Windows fans then, it is the Windows Movie Maker which disappeared in Windows 7. One of the best video editing software ever developed, Windows Movie Maker was created by the master itself. But the mystery, why Microsoft discontinued…

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Windows, windows 10 - 2020-03-10

Why & How To Disable Microsoft Services On Windows 10

If you have ever searched for different ways to make your Windows 10 run faster & smoother, chances are you’ve come across several articles, suggesting turning off certain Windows services. You might not realize, but your operating system has useless features and CPU resource-hogging programs enabled by default. These services are kind of startup programs,…

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Top 10, Windows - 2020-03-02

10 Best IPTV Players For Windows (Free & Paid) For 2020

IPTV or Internet-Based Protocol Television is changing the way we used to watch television. Now you have access to a huge library of digital television services, including live content and video on demand. If you haven’t heard of IPTV players yet, then you must be using cable or satellite television services till now. In the…

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