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Windows - 2020-02-03

Why You Should Install Windows On Mac?

Apple’s Mac series has given plenty of useful laptops and desktop models, with tens of different configurations. Apple products, especially the Macs are undaunted pioneers when it comes to resolution quality, image processing capabilities, and overall performance and speed. However, given the fact that Apple’s systems work on an end-to-end control philosophy, which in turn…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-01-31

How To Increase VRAM In Windows 10

To play games with high-end graphics, and 4K videos, you need sufficient VRAM. Increased memory helps your system to perform better and if you are a video editor, it sorts the issues you face while rendering a video. Also, it is important because insufficient VRAM leads to use of system memory, which will slow your…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-01-30

Steps on How to Rotate a Video in Windows 10

If you received a video clip or have recorded one on your smartphone mistakenly in the wrong orientation, then you can make it turn the right way. While recording a video, especially on your vacation, you may find that you have held your camera or smartphone in a wrong angle due to sheer excitement and…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-01-28

How to fix “No Internet Secured” Error On Windows 10?

Life without the Internet is impossible and even though we have unlimited high-speed Internet, there are times we encounter errors on devices we use. And cause our day to come to a standstill. One such error that occurs when connected to Wi-Fi is No Internet, Secured. Literally, this means although you have a secured connection…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-01-20

How To Secure Windows 7 After The Support Ends

Windows 7 end of support date January 14th, 2020 has just crossed,r and so the support ended. Microsoft had previously announced that Windows 7 would discontinue its support in 2020. Now, the technical assistance and the software updates for Windows 7 are no longer available. So, the large number of computers which are using this…

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Press Release, Windows - 2020-01-20

Systweak Software Introduces Photos Recovery For Windows

A well known name in optimization and security apps and tools, Systweak Software have unveiled ‘Photos Recovery’ app for Windows platform. As its name suggests, this tool helps recover deleted photos on Windows PC. To recover deleted photos, users must simply specify the drive and choose scan type, depending on how thorough they want the…

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Top 10, Windows - 2020-01-16

Top 10 Apps To Install On Your New Windows PC

Designing a personal or business format for a PC has been made easier with a wide variety of available software and applications. But it can also be overwhelming with numerous choices offered for Windows. Since there’s hundreds of available software for each task you want to perform on your computer, users might feel a little…

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