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How-To, Windows - 2020-06-28

How to Fix Microsoft Store Slow Download Issue

Many users download their favorite software for gaming, entertainment and utility from the Microsoft Store. This one-stop solution for all Windows apps has free as well as paid apps. However, users have also reported the issue of Microsoft Store slow download. In this, the apps begin to download at a normal speed, but this speed…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-07-15

How To Fix ‘SD Card Not Detected’ on Windows?

Many times when you insert your SD card into your Windows PC, there pops up an error message saying ‘SD card not detected’ or ‘SD card not showing up’. Wondering what to do in such a case? Do not worry, we are here to help you resolve this error, and if in case you lose…

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Driver Guide, How-To, Windows, Windows 10 - 2020-07-15

How To Solve ‘Windows Has Stopped This Device Because It Has Reported Problems’ Code 43

Users encountering hardware error code 43 “Windows Has Stopped This Device Because It Has Reported Problems,” refers to a problem when their device drivers become inefficient to communicate with Windows OS properly. In such scenarios, the best bet is to update or remove problematic drivers. If you see a red cross or exclamation mark against…

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