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PC Optimization, Windows - 2020-07-21

Different Junk or Temp Files You Can Consider Deleting

You should clean Junk files time to time to maintain optimum system performance. Basically, junk/temporary files are created by programs or processes to store values or information temporarily while a task is being completed. This is a continuous process which can create large number of junk/temporary files that occupies much space on your system. However,…

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Windows, Windows 10 - 2017-12-30

How to enable ‘Hey, Cortana’ on Windows 10

Cortana is to Windows 10 is what Siri is to iPhone. It is Microsoft’s digital assistant which allows you to set reminders for important tasks or also answers your all questions (e.g., current weather and traffic conditions, sports scores, biographies). You can use voice activation to give your computer commands and perform tasks without touching it…

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Windows - 2017-12-30

Different Directories of Windows Applications

All the applications/softwares installed in Windows computers store their data at different locations to perform various tasks. It completely depends on the software programmers to save the software data at different locations, as per their requirement. Basically, these locations or directories helps the program to hold different files which are required in program execution or…

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Cyber Security, Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2020-05-08

15 Easy Tips To Cyber-Proof Your Computer

Your computer security doesn’t just comprise of anti-malware protection. A security solution should be comprehensive in nature and installing an anti-malware program is just a step taken to secure your computer from cyber attacks. However, you can achieve comprehensive security easily if you follow simple yet effective tips. “It’s our ignorance that leads us to…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2020-05-08

5 Easy Techniques To Keep Data Safe

More than 90% of the planet’s digital data was made in the last three years. It’s unquestionable that people are making the most out of technology and generating data like crazy. Users generate messages, archives, recordings, photographs, and many more information on daily basis. Hence, we sense the need of the hour and want to…

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Apps, Windows - 2017-12-25

5 Free Start Menu Replacements For Windows 8 Users

Windows is said to be the most used Operating system. The user-friendly interface, compatibility with almost every software and enhancements over time has made it the operating system of choice for people. Moreover, they want to check out new features such as Simpler Task Manager, new Windows Explorer, Fast Startup Mode, Re-engineered Boot Experience and…

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