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How-To, Windows - 2017-11-18

How To Make Your Computer Read Back On-Screen Text

Reading text on a computer screen can be extremely strenuous to your eyes. So, if your work requires to read documents continuously or if you just love reading, then it’s not necessary to strain your delicate eyes. Did you know Your computer can read out your documents and e books for you. Let us find…

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How-To, Windows - 2017-11-17

How To Fix Hard Disk Errors On Windows

Windows is the most commonly used operating system worldwide. Any individual who has used a computer at some point of their life, must’ve been definitely familiar with Windows environment. Since the evolution of Personal computer, Windows is the only name that stands concrete in our memory. As we’re all aware about common terminologies associated with…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-07-31

How To Use Flash Drive As RAM In Windows

RAM is the second engine of any computer, which is why more powerful it is the better it is. This especially, is a need for those who wish to play bulky games or perform high-end tasks. However, RAM is an expensive component of your system and would cost you quite a few Dollars to get…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-11-13

10 Useful Windows Commands

Windows is famous for its user-friendly design compared to the old MS Dos operating system, that required you to enter a long string of commands to do even the simplest of things. Which is why most Windows users tend to stay away from Command Prompt. But did you know that some important operations can only…

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How-To, iPhone, Windows - 2018-03-29

How To Use iCloud On Windows

It is certainly not necessary for an iPhone user to also own a Mac, as some of us still prefer to work on Windows computer. But don’t you think it is a bit difficult to synchronize both devices together? Earlier, Apple reduced the hassle of transferring audio and video files by launching iTunes for Windows….

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