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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2019-06-21

How To Clean Your PC

Every other person in this technological world owns a PC or a laptop but most of us are unaware of the fact that cleaning your computer should be a routine followed religiously as it not only helps you to maintain the health of the computer but also improves the performance of your computer. Must Read: How…

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Windows - 2020-01-20

5 Best Portable Hard Drives 2020

Portable hard drives are a savior when your machine’s storage is overstuffed. These drives have become a necessity rather a luxury. These days, you don’t have to buy those bulky computers with multi terabytes of storage, you can get an external hard disk instead. Though there are thousands of brands and manufacturers; every brand has…

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Top 10, Windows - 2020-01-20

11 Best & Free HD Media Player for Windows PC of 2020

All those, who bought their PCs for “work”, may sometimes become apathetic and require a break. For people like me, there’s nothing greater than a movie or an episode of favorite series to gain the lost enthusiasm. However, your video player plays a role as important as what you’re watching. There’re a lot of video…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-08-16

How To Change The Display Language In Windows 7

It’s good to see things in a way you can understand better. If your native language is other than English, you may feel a bit uncomfortable to cope with a lot of things. However, Microsoft takes good care of people who speak other languages than English and allows you to change the language. You can…

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Windows - 2020-01-17

9 Best Uninstaller Software for Windows

Everybody has been a victim of a stubborn program on more than one occasion. Regardless of whether you have deliberately installed it or it has just crept in with a bundle of other installed software. The thing about them that frustrates, even more, is their tendency to pop-up with notifications every now and then. Irritating,…

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