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Mac software, Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-07-10

3 Simple Ways to Run Windows on Mac

Yes, Macs are great we know! But there are some programs and applications that only support Windows. So, how are you gonna deal with this complex situation? Buying a new Windows laptop is a little too expensive! What you can do is to simulate Windows on your Mac. Here are 3 simple ways that’ll allow…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-08-22

How To Boost Game Performance In Your Windows PC

Are you a game maniac but can’t play your favorite games on your crappy computer? Every time you play a game, your system freezes up and the game crashes? If yes, then you would certainly understand the frustration of choppy gameplay or slow video frame rates. In this article, we have discussed a few simple…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-07-02

How To Schedule Auto-Empty In Recycle Bin

You tend to delete files and images from your computer every now and then, either to free up some space or remove unnecessary files. But after some time, a big pile of deleted files get accumulated in Recycle Bin and clog your hard disk. Fortunately, Windows 10 has provided you with a feature to auto-delete…

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Top 10, Windows - 2020-05-22

11 Best Product Key Finder For Windows 7, 8 and 10

You never know what becomes important at what time. However, it’s nearly impossible to keep everything safe and easily available. Software license keys, serial numbers and product keys are a few things that are pretty difficult to remember. If you’re preparing to reinstall a program or re-installing Windows, you’ll need the product key to proceed….

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