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Abhishek is a Technical Writer and Blogger at Systweak. Although he is a Mechanical Engineer, at least that's his degree says; Abhishek's passion for creating engaging content and his interest in indulging communication has brought him in another direction. His likes writing about technology trends that are changing the present of human lifestyle and the ones that would shape the world's future. Besides this, he is a certified nerd when it comes to movies and scrutinizes any collection of films or television series he can get his hand on.

Author: Abhishek Sharma

How-To - 2020-07-01

How To Directly Link To Text On A Chrome Webpage

As of lately this year, Google has started using a Scroll to Text Fragment feature on Google Search results. This way, users are sometimes directed to a specific text fragment on a webpage that directly answers their Google query. This is an initiative to make Google results in more efficient and more adherent to the…

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How-To - 2020-06-26

How To Generate Meeting Reports In Zoom

Besides various other features such as screen sharing, polling, and attendee registration, Zoom also allows hosts of the concerned Zoom meetings to generate specific rereports. These reports are based on a poll or registration of attendees conducted on a specific Zoom meeting. These reports contain some information on meeting participants as well as polling results…

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How-To - 2020-06-23

How To Use “Fresh Start” Feature In The 2020 Windows 10 Update

The Windows 10 “Fresh Start” feature has been revamped to some extent in the much-awaited and speculated 2020 Windows 10 Update. The new software patch made some changes in the Fresh Start feature. The feature was previously available as a part of Windows Security application but has now been moved to Windows Recovery. The feature…

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How-To - 2020-06-22

How To Enable Attendee Registration for Zoom

Besides all the Zoom features such as Share Screen, Polling, Forced Mic Limitations, Dropbox Integration, and Recording, Zoom also offers a feature of attendee registration. The video conferencing app has made news across the globe with more than a billion downloads, and usage spread across continents. However, Zoom is also under scrutiny for its security…

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How-To, Outlook Help - 2020-06-19

How To Check Emails For Accessibility

Emails, being the most convenient medium of communication and sharing documents and other stuff should remain accessible and usable for everyone. However, due to a wide range of disabilities, several people that may be from our group of colleagues, our family members, or our closest ones, are unable to use email services properly and find…

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How-To - 2020-06-18

How To Enable New Media Controls In Android 11 Beta

Google has made available the Beta version of its latest Android OS Version 11, and some new and exciting features are introduced in stock Android-powered phones for the first time. Among the new features introduced in Android 11 Beta, there are the new media controls. This new feature will now allow users to access media…

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iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 2020-06-15

How To Have Two Snapchat Accounts On One iPhone

Why do you need two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone? Well, as far as social media goes, it’s tough to contain your personal life on these platforms, even if you limit their usage. Social media doesn’t let you keep your personal affairs that personal; hence, you mix up the closed ones with the “other group”,…

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Apps - 2020-06-14

SC Chat Locker: Protecting Your Chats On Snapchat App

Besides Instagram and Twitter DMs, Snapchat is another popular social media app that allows people to connect and communicate through both chats and images. Snapchat, as the name suggests, focuses on allowing users to share minute-to-minute activities of their day, or say, every snap of it, with their friends and followers. The reason people tend…

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