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Tech News - 2020-03-27

Users Suffer As Netflix Is Down For Many Countries

As most of the world’s population is homebound, they are solely relying on passing time through entertainment channels and streaming services. Netflix, being one of the most favoured video streaming services, is used to consume content all over the world. When we say a lot, it really does mean a lot, as Netflix changed the…

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Tips & Tricks, Web Browser - 2019-12-04

VPNs for Business and Employees

Over the past few years, a lot of information was written about Virtual Private Network. The proliferation of censorship, regular leakage of personal data, surveillance, traffic interception at communication centers and the general growth of cyber threats has lead to VPNs becoming more and more popular. In this article, we will discuss why it is…

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Android, How-To - 2019-07-11

How to Improve Security and Privacy of your Android Devices

Android, iOS and Windows, the life of a human revolves around all these platforms. From accessing social media to managing their work digitally, many people today use Android, iOS and Windows devices as per their convenience. Among all, Android has been the most popular computing platforms around the globe. Are you an Android mobile user?…

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Gadgets - 2019-03-13

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds: A Few Tips for Getting Started

Samsung and Apple—the rivalry between these two clans have been going on for a while. Be it about the devices they launch or latest technologies they roll out, it always appears with a vibe of face-off! A few years back Apple introduced AirPods, the wireless miracles which brought a revolution in earphones industry. So as…

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