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Akanksha Soni

Akanksha is an active content writer and blogger at Systweak. She is an Architect by qualification that has ultimately helped evolve her creative side. She loves to write about various genres of topics with technology being one of her personal favorites. Besides this, she is a travel freak, foodie and ardent reader of fiction.

Author: Akanksha Soni

Tech News - 2020-04-03

How To Keep A Window Always On Top In Windows 10

“Always on top” feature on Windows becomes essential when you are working on multiple windows at the same time but want to keep one or more above others. Space might be limited, but there is always one window which matters the most. Despite Windows’s easy switching feature, you want one window to pin or keep…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2020-04-03

How To See Deleted Tweets On Twitter

If you are regular with Twitter, follow celebrities or yourself a celebrity, you know the sensitivity of tweets already. If you have deleted a tweet accidentally or had to remove it for some reasons, well, you cannot get it back to your profile. Yet, it is not exactly impossible to not to view it again…

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Top 10 - 2020-04-03

Best Online Cooking Classes 2020 (Free & Paid)

Cooking is one of the best stress busters known. And, it is also a fantastic way to pass the time as well as make your loved ones happy. Of course, who doesn’t want to have a delicious meal when hungry like anything? Now the question comes: do you want to improve your cooking skills or…

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How-To, iOS - 2020-04-02

How To Cast To Firestick With iOS Device

Casting your iOS device to Firestick opens up with so many opportunities to watch your favorite shows, movies, videos, songs and much more on a bigger screen. Especially when you are chilling with your family and spending some quality time together, it is best to know how to cast to Firestick with your iOS device….

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2020-03-30

How To Watch Netflix With Your Friends Online

We know how much you miss your friends while watching Netflix alone at home practising social distancing. TV Shows like Elite, Peaky Blinders and other romantic, horror or sci-fi movies are available in abundance on Netflix, but the experience is intensified when your friends are present. Well, it is Ok if you can’t watch Netflix…

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Software, Top 10 - 2020-03-30

Best Online Tax Software To File Your Taxes

For many of us, Tax Filing is itself a broad term. And, getting into the process is no less than a rollercoaster. This even becomes one of the reasons that many Americans avoid filing taxes and escape from confusing situations. But the fact is that we must file the taxes, no matter what. What if…

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Tips & Tricks - 2020-03-29

How To Fix Chrome Pdf Viewer Not Working

Google Chrome is indeed a fantastic browser, and its in-built PDF viewer allows you to see the PDF file before downloading. This is probably the coolest feature available by default, and if you wish to view all our PDFs quickly, it is just possible because of the extension.  What if your Chrome PDF viewer doesn’t…

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google, How-To - 2020-03-29

How To Block A Website On Google Chrome Permanently?

Is there any website that is distracting you again and again? For example, sites like Facebook, Twitter or more are sometimes so contagious that you spend your precious time on them unknowingly and regret later. Many of us now have a habit of checking unnecessary websites in between the long hours of work schedule, and…

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