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Akanksha Soni is a tech-enthusiast and likes to explore new applications for Android & iPhone. She also loves making videos on the web and recently started exploring the gaming world intensely. An active tech writer, Systweak Blog is a platform where she provides relevant and tested methods to solve the users’ problems. Her passions include reading and traveling,

Author: Akanksha Soni

Driver Guide - 2020-09-21

Two Finger Scroll Not Working On Windows 10 [FIXED]

Two Finger Scrolling is an excellent solution for laptop users to smoothly scroll through webpages using just two fingers on the touchpad. The feature works without any hiccups on most of the Windows 10 Laptops, but for some users, the ‘2 Fingers Scroll Is Not Working’. This could happen due to certain reasons like outdated…

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Apps, How-To - 2020-08-26

Quick Tips To Fix “Instagram Music Not Working 2020” Problem!

Trying to add music or a soundtrack to a photo/video in the Instagram story? But unfortunately, the photo-sharing app isn’t allowing you to do so? Well, don’t worry, you aren’t alone!  Instagram Music Sticker was launched back in June last year, which lets users add their favorite music piece to a particular Insta Story so…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-06-28

How to Fix Microsoft Store Slow Download Issue

Many users download their favorite software for gaming, entertainment and utility from the Microsoft Store. This one-stop solution for all Windows apps has free as well as paid apps. However, users have also reported the issue of Microsoft Store slow download. In this, the apps begin to download at a normal speed, but this speed…

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Mac software, Top 10 - 2020-09-07

8 Best Ad Blockers For Safari Browser in 2020

I hate visiting those websites which have a trail of ads. These ads keep annoying me sometimes, embarrass me in the meetings and even scare me with the stress of privacy breach. I may be able to bear the first two conditions, but the last one is so risky that it is merely not affordable….

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Cyber Security, Windows 10 - 2020-07-09

Is Windows Defender Good Enough For PC Protection In 2020

A decent antivirus that comes along with Windows itself is named as Windows Defender. Earlier users relied on third-party software to keep their systems protected because of poor performance by Windows Defender. Still, things turned for better as Windows Defender is a free antivirus software and acts precisely good in providing quality protection against many…

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