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Anuj Jain

Anuj is a content writer for Systweak and being from an engineering background, likes to get more in-depth with technology and gadgets. He likes playing video games and reading in his free time.

Author: Anuj Jain

Tech News - 2019-01-23

Google Hangouts To Retire This Year

G Suite announced that Google Hangouts will not be available to G Suite customers from October onwards. This step is to bring in new platforms to chat & meet at one place, namely, Hangouts Chat & Hangouts Meet. G Suite also announced several changes to be made this year for G Suite customers and their…

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iPhone, Top 10 - 2019-01-15

Best Offline Adventure Games For iPhone/iPad

Point-and-click adventure games still have enormous followers. Many adventure games offer a compelling intense story, where a protagonist must fight some really overpowered enemies. They offer fun places to explore alongside immersive gameplay, that gets more intense & dark with choices you make. There are still some of the best titles that are solely keeping…

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Newsletter - 2020-07-29

CES 2019: What To Expect On Day 2

There are still few hours for the opening of Day 2. And we are all too impatient for knowing what next cutting-edge technology is going to be unveiled. Well, we have gathered some of the bits of what can we expect from Day 2 at CES 2019. Let us have a look at them. 1….

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