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Deepak Saxena

Deepak Saxena is a writer and blogger for Systweak Software. He loves to explore hidden features of the devices around him and how to get the most out of them. Deepak believes in making tech a fun and accessible for all through his writings.

Author: Deepak Saxena

Tech News - 2017-04-07

Now You’ve Got to Get 10000 Views to make money from YouTube

The Biggest web video platform YouTube has done some major changes to its ‘partner program’. The Platform was facing various issues regarding content duplication. In a bid to keep quality content, the channel has tightened its partner program. It was 5 years ago when YouTube introduced their partner program. Anyone could sign up for its…

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Tech News - 2017-04-05

WhatsApp to Enter The Booming Digital Payment Industry

Facebook owned smartphone messaging app WhatsApp is in news for eyeing rapidly growing digital payment industry in India. According to a post on WhatsApp’s website, it is planning to redesign the app to include digital transactions. For this, the company will collaborate with banks. This will help users to make digital payments using the application….

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-11-07

How To Do Disk Cleanup in Windows 7/8/10

What is Disk Cleanup? Disk Cleanup is a computer maintenance utility present in Microsoft Windows operating system. It helps in freeing up space on the hard drive. The Disk Cleanup process includes searching and analyzing the hard drive for files that are no longer needed. Once the files are analyzed, it allows users to preview…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2017-09-01

How to fix 100% CPU usage in Windows

Computers generally consume a small amount of CPU. In fact, they use only 5% of their CPU power. Whenever users play video games, run applications; the CPU usage rises temporarily.  Once the processes running are closed, the CPU usage falls down.  Consider that no application  requires more than 50% of CPU. Although there can be…

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