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Deepak Saxena

Deepak Saxena is a writer and blogger for Systweak Software. He loves to explore hidden features of the devices around him and how to get the most out of them. Deepak believes in making tech a fun and accessible for all through his writings.

Author: Deepak Saxena

How-To, windows 10 - 2018-10-06

How to Fix Windows 10 not Booting Error

Developers of the most popular operating system- Microsoft Windows keep putting sincere efforts to enhance user experience of its user. Unlike some of the previous versions On Windows 10 computer users hardly face an issue. But sometimes even it become harder to get into the system as it starts showing an error messaging saying Windows…

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Games - 2019-08-09

Games like PUBG for Low-end Computers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is gaining Remarkable popularity since it’s cross platform. This means that you can play it on your computer, gaming consoles and on your smartphone. When it comes to playing PUBG on computer it runs smoothly and does not exploit much of your internet. So, if you often play PUBG on computer and looking…

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Tips & Tricks - 2018-09-24

Why and How to use Private Browsing On Safari

Like every web browser these days, Safari the default web browser for macOS X also got advanced. It is secure and ready to handle multiple tabs at the same time. But if we talk about private browsing, then it is also equipped with private browsing mode which helps you to browse secretly. There are many…

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Macintosh, Tips & Tricks - 2019-10-04

Tips to Reduce Memory Usage on Mac

No matter how much RAM or powerful hardware you have on your Mac, you will feel that it becomes slow over time. This makes you think whether or not it’s time to upgrade the hardware. But simply upgrading the hardware isn’t a good solution to problems. Well most times productivity of your system depends on…

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Mac software - 2018-09-15

How to run Flash update on Mac

Sometimes when you are ready to watch your favorite videos you’re greeted with an annoying error message saying, ‘Update Flash Player on your Mac’. Getting such message suddenly looks like a riddle to you if you do not know what a Flash Player is. If you will go to a wrong website to update Flash…

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How-To, Macintosh - 2018-09-15

How to Use Task Manager on Mac

If you have recently switched from Windows to Mac and missing a few features from the old OS, you’re certainly not the only one. We’re sure that the one you might miss the most is ‘Task Manager’. There are almost the same functionalities of task manager on Mac as for Windows. For those who do…

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Learning Center - 2019-12-16

Smart Driver Updater: No More Outdated PC Drivers

Sometimes it is hard for us to understand that why we are repetitively getting weird error messages on our computer. Even antivirus software fails to resolve this because this is just because the computer has outdated drivers. There can be two ways to solve this problem either you need to search for the outdated drivers…

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