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Dheeraj Manghnani

Dheeraj Manghnani is a content writer at Systweak. He likes to read and write about latest technological developments that make life simpler in today's intricate world. He also likes to travel and try out different cusines.

Author: Dheeraj Manghnani

Android, Apps - 2020-08-27

What is App Hibernation on Android? How Does It Work?

Hibernation is generally associated with Bears, and it means to sleep for a very long time (sometimes the complete winter season) after having a delightful and heavy meal. When it comes to Smartphones, app hibernation refers to shutting down the app completely so that it does not contact its server or receive and alerts and…

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How-To, Windows 10 - 2020-08-21

How To Encrypt A File In Windows 10?

Did you know that you can encrypt a file in Windows 10 PC and keep it password protected at the same time? This ensures that no one will be able to open your private files other than those whom you intend to. Encrypting a file is not same as locking a file or folder because…

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