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Author: Dinesh Lakhwani

How-To - 2020-05-21

What is WebM File? How to Play WebM Files?

Summary: The article includes answers to what is WebM file, how to open WebM files, best WebM players, and more. The tools offer options to edit & convert WebM files as well. What is WebM File? Video files with .webm file extensions are called WebM files. The same file format is used with WebM files…

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How-To, windows 10 - 2020-05-20

How to Fix HDMI Sound Not Working on Windows 10?

Summary: When you connect your PC to a monitor or TV through HDMI cable, you may find it is not working, and there is no sound. To fix HDMI sound not working, you need to follow a few quick steps. What is HDMI? High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a useful addition on your PC that…

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Internet of Things - 2020-05-17

Workstation vs Desktop: Key Differences

Summary: Buying decision to opt from workstation or desktop could be tricky. While it depends on work intensity, your budget could also be a determining factor. Key Differences of Workstation vs Desktop For quick navigation, let’s review seven factors to know the difference. CPU Hard Drive Memory GPU OS and ISV Certification Performance and Reliability…

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How-To - 2020-05-16

How To Fix Mac Mouse Not Working Issue

Summary: Let’s discuss some methods to fix wireless mouse not working on Mac. Wireless mouse could be a useful addition to your Mac machine that makes work seamless for you. If you don’t like to control your system through Touchpads or Trackpads, then the mouse is the best option available for you. As Mac computer…

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Windows - 2020-05-15

Windows Laptop Touchpad Not Working: Fixed

Laptops offer you super comfort and portability. You can use it while on a bed or work while sitting on a bench at the pool side. While it provides you with seamless user experience, like any other device, it isn’t free of its issues. One such issue is laptop trackpad not working. There could be…

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Android - 2020-05-10

Best Audio Converters for Android in 2020

There might be numerous reasons you want to convert your audio file to other formats or even convert other files to audio formats. Audio conversion could be tough if you don’t use the right tools. To help you deal with this problem, here we have tested & reviewed the best audio converter apps for Android…

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Top 10 - 2020-05-10

10 Best Online Video Converters in 2020

If you are looking for a portable solution to convert video files, then you should use the best online video converter tools. These powerful tools help you convert all major file formats on all your devices effortlessly. The best part is many of these tools are free. Best Online Video Converter in 2020 (Free &…

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