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Dinesh Lakhwani

Dinesh is an avid fan of all things tech. He has deep knowledge of Android and Windows troubleshooting and loves to share his knowledge about it. Working with Systweak Software, he has written over 2000 articles covering different technologies and platforms.

Author: Dinesh Lakhwani

Tips & Tricks - 2017-04-24

Improve Gmail Experience with These 15 Tips & tricks

Gmail has all good things available with it, which makes it one of the best email providers in an online communication network. It has an appealing interface and several amazing and useful features that give it an edge over other webmail services along with desktop email clients. Surprisingly, it also offers an endless stream of…

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Ransomware - 2020-05-08

Recent Ransomware Threats: Fantom and FairWare Ransomware

Although relatively new, ransomware is proving to be quite a menace for internet users across the globe. Reported incidents of attacks through this malware are becoming more and more prevalent as most people are unaware of such a threat. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is the type of computer malware that blocks the user’s computer access…

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Tips & Tricks, Windows - 2016-09-02

7 Amazing Hidden Features of Windows 10

A lot has changed since the time Windows 10 was launched. Many new features were introduced with its inauguration, and Anniversary update has improved its services. In fact, Windows 10 is loaded with many multi-tasking tools such as custom start menu, snap assist, live tiles, task view and virtual desktop to keep your work organized….

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Macintosh, Tips & Tricks - 2018-08-03

How to Speed up Mac – Clean Up Slow Macbook

Being known for its slick interface and highly optimized performance, lags and slowdowns is the last thing you’d expect from a mac. But believe it or not, slowdowns do happen on Mac and they’re as annoying as on any other platform. The reason for slowdowns might be an old system that cannot keep up with…

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