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Akshay Peter

Akshay Luke Peters is a writer and blogger for Systweak Software. He likes to write about off-beat topics and technological awareness. He is also part musician who likes to explore the future of technology in entertainment and popular media.

Author: Akshay Peter

Tech Facts, Tips & Tricks - 2020-03-31

Is It Possible to Make Money on Torrent Trackers

Earning money has always been associated with traditional ‘offline’ mediums found in the real world. But nowadays, several people are inclined towards the Internet that offers several opportunities to generate fast cash. With such an active growth in various professions related to the Internet, the possibilities to earn passively expand as well. The majority of…

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Tech News - 2020-03-16

News: Kaspersky Reveals The Truth Behind US Ban

Most of us might remember how the US government prohibited the use of Kaspersky products across federal offices across the country couple years ago. This was due to allegations that the Russian cybersecurity giant has ties with the Kremlin. As stated by an official from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “This action is based…

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Android, Press Release - 2020-02-14

New Anti-Malware Tool Added to Cleaner for Android App

Systweak Software, known for their high-quality software and apps have recently updated their popular cleanup and optimization tool, Cleaner For Android. The newly added module “Anti-Malware” allows users to scan their Android device for infected files and malicious apps and remove them to ensure data security. Cleaner for Android removes unwanted cache and junk files…

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Press Release, Windows - 2020-01-20

Systweak Software Introduces Photos Recovery For Windows

A well known name in optimization and security apps and tools, Systweak Software have unveiled ‘Photos Recovery’ app for Windows platform. As its name suggests, this tool helps recover deleted photos on Windows PC. To recover deleted photos, users must simply specify the drive and choose scan type, depending on how thorough they want the…

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Top 10, Windows - 2020-06-04

Top 10 Apps To Install On Your New Windows PC

Designing a personal or business format for a PC has been made easier with a wide variety of available software and applications. But it can also be overwhelming with numerous choices offered for Windows. Since there’s hundreds of available software for each task you want to perform on your computer, users might feel a little…

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