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A traveler who has eaten with Bedouins, gotten lost in mist, and walked a kilometer to get net connection. When not writing, Nisha reads tech magazines to shampoo bottle labels

Author: Nisha Joshi

Blockchain - 2018-10-21

Fortnite On Blockchain: Thanks To MagnaChain

Blockchain technology is on a boom. There is a rise in the numerous sectors that are joining in the decentralized bandwagon. Blockchain technology is being used by many as a means of extra approachability. The latest trend that has merged with Blockchain is the biggest game in the world, ‘Fortnite’. This game is quite popular…

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Newsletter - 2018-10-17

Newsletter: Huawei launches Nano Memory Cards & Samsung Announces Chips For Smart Cars

Quote of the Day “Nanotechnology’s potential is vast and it’s real. The opportunity for nanotechnology ranges from improving Olympic sports equipment to discovering better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. But our ability to reap the long-term benefits of nanotechnology — in areas from energy production to medicine — will depend on how well industry and government…

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Apps, Gadgets, Tech News - 2020-05-21

Technologies In Natural Disaster Management

Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda, Japan, India and the United states of America. You would not be amiss to wonder what these countries have in common. The answer is that they have all been hit by a natural disaster. Floods. Volcanoes and Tsunamis. Millions of lost lives globally, millions becoming homeless and now facing a daunting task…

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Blockchain - 2018-10-05

Venture Capitals: The Saviour Blockchain Industry Deserves

Blockchain technology was created by an unknown but, not unsung, hero by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. For this individual, this technology was a means with which he/she hoped the world change. There was a hope that the world would operate and break away from the clichés of the old world fintech and commerce. So,…

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How-To - 2020-04-29

How To Clone A Mac / Windows 10 Hard Drive?

There is an abundant number of services which can help in creating a backup of one’s personal files. But many a times, it’s always safer to simply clone or mirror one’s hard drive. Imagine a situation wherein one is migrating their Windows content on to a new drive or needs the exact copy of their…

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Android, Top 10 - 2019-10-01

Best Password Managers For Android

There are many people who work in the public sector and interact with customers. For such hard-working individuals, it becomes very awkward to access their cell phones. There is also a chance of someone losing their cells and risk thieves accessing their data. Nowadays, it’s important to safeguard our online accounts and securing them. Best…

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Blockchain - 2018-09-28

Can Cryptocurrency Be Mined On A Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi was invented with the intent of increasing interest of kids and grownups alike in the field of computing. In recent times, people and all out geniuses have managed to tweak and change and use this device in a multiple number of projects. Some have gone above and beyond imagination by integrating a…

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