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Nisha Joshi

A traveler who has eaten with Bedouins, gotten lost in mist, and walked a kilometer to get net connection. When not writing, Nisha reads tech magazines to shampoo bottle labels

Author: Nisha Joshi

Blockchain - 2017-12-10

Crypto Kitties: Blockchain’s Feline Friends

First there was ‘Tamagotchi’. We called them egg friends. They had a hunger meter, a happy meter and if uncared for, they even died. They were the biggest fad in toys in the late 1999/2000. Now we have Crypto Kitties. What are Crypto Kitties? Merging the Buzz of Blockchain with the love of Kittens, a…

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Gadgets - 2017-12-10

Converting Analog Music Cassettes Into Digital MP3s

If you were born during the 80s and 90’s and and recognize the value of owning albums from your favorite artists, then you must certainly have a box of old cassettes tapes that are collecting dust. Bet it has all the greatest hits of Joe Cocker, the Allman Brothers band and may be even some…

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Blockchain - 2017-12-09

Beware! Bitcoins Are Taxable

At the time of publishing this blog, Bitcoin had hit a value high of $16246.70 US. That’s a profit margin which could not have been achieved in centralized banking systems, or by any investment of the stock market or even land deals. The patience early miners have shown by investing in ‘virtual money’ since it…

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Friday Essentials - 2017-12-08

Friday Essentials: Rehashing Nostalgia in Game Tech

Nostalgia: Inescapable! Aah Nostalgia! That feeling when you reminiscence about a particular time that now lies in the past. It overcomes you and your senses. It fills your heart with either joy or sorrow. How we feel depends on what we are thinking back on. Usually we think back at good times, people who used…

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Future Tech - 2017-12-07

Technologies For The Hearing Impaired

Despite of being close-knit, the differently abled have always faced seclusion in some way or another. This seclusion is the result of a lot of factors. But one group of people that face the most discrimination are the hearing impaired. This is because of the lack of development in terms of technologies that could aid…

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Blockchain - 2019-02-05

Upcoming Blockchain Techs: A Glance into 2018

As the early December morning chill sets in, we can’t help recalling all the changes we have seen take place within the year and wonder on which few technologies are going to grow further. A December to Remember: 2017 has been a remarkable year for technology. ‘Blockchain’ has been the go to buzz word in…

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Blockchain - 2017-12-04

Blockchain: The ‘Real’ Real-Estate Developer

Blockchain Technology has made its mark felt in almost all the different industries that exist. Be it Tourism, Banking or even Education. Blockchain is being successfully implemented everywhere. It should come as no surprise that the Real Estate market is next in line. Real Estate: A new sector on the Block The real Estate market…

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Tech News - 2020-05-22

Net Neutrality: Why You Should Care

“What then is Freedom? The power to live as one Wishes” – Marcus Tullius Cicero It seems like the only ruling that President Trump has not repealed from the Obama era was maintaining the status of PARDONED on the last year’s thanksgiving turkeys. While this may be good news for ‘Tater’ & ‘Tot’, we the…

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