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Nisha Joshi

A traveler who has eaten with Bedouins, gotten lost in mist, and walked a kilometer to get net connection. When not writing, Nisha reads tech magazines to shampoo bottle labels

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Android, Top 10 - 2020-11-10

Best Twitter Apps for Android

Smartphone users are predominantly the ones who use social media platforms the most. In that regard, Twitter is a go-to-choice as it allows one to express themselves with a minimum number of words. Of the many features that it has revamped in recent times, there still seems to be something missing. Giving the users the…

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iPhone - 2018-09-10

3D Touch On The iPhone: Know All About It

The launch of the iPhone is always very eagerly anticipated. This is because the legacy of Steve Jobs was such that people eagerly anticipate the latest technological insights that the iPhone can deliver. In recent times, the Face ID, has made its mark as the most innovative invention that has come out in recent times…

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Gadgets, Top 10 - 2020-01-15

Best Tablet for Kids In 2020

Many people think that in order to protect our kids from the evils of social media, one needs to keep them completely away from the internet. What that indirectly leads to is that the child is deprived of basic social and pop cultural influence that is important in their overall development. Hence, instead of outright…

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Gadgets - 2018-08-15

How to Stop Your Smart TV From Tracking What You Watch

While there are claims that Facebook, Google and many other platforms track and spy on the user and their searches, one would never have thought that the same could happen while in the comfort of one’s home. Smart TVs are a piece of pride and joy in our living rooms and bedrooms. Hence, when one…

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Apps, iPhone, Top 10 - 2018-12-25

7 Best Apps for Singers on iPhone

Singing. Such an art form. With a slight change in one’s pitch, one can easily change the entire meaning and tempo of the song. Singers have gotten this talent as a god’s gift. One can train in multiple styles but, one’s voice and how it sounds while singing is a natural trait. Many singers have…

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Blockchain - 2020-05-22

How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously And Legally

When Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the concept of Bitcoin and Blockchain, he was giving humanity a tool with which one could get off the grid and conventional norms. Decentralization was the key and there were high hopes that with this route, one could reach a greater potential. Bitcoin rose steady since its invention and…

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Blockchain - 2018-08-12

Best Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

For someone on the go, debit cards are the best means of having one’s monetary assets handy. Now, with Cryptocurrency ruling roost, it isn’t surprising to see a surge of crypto debit cards on the rise. While many Cryptocurrency investors are still a little bit hesitant about completely converting they assets into crypto, the mainstream…

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