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Parina Hassani

Parina Hassani is working as a Research Analyst at Systweak Softwares. She researches on the Future Era of Technology. She brings to us this new future face of technology and how it would change our world. Beyond this she has an inclination for fiction novels, exploring different cuisines, anchoring and, confectionery and dessert cooking.

Author: Parina Hassani

Future Tech - 2016-09-14

Why Pay for Electricity, When Nature is giving it for free?

Picture this, we are in the year 2026. And my friend is telling me about her meeting with their architect, a couple of days ago. They are getting their farmhouse built for which they have gone to finalize the design, materials and all related things. They have selected latest trends for everything in their house,…

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Android, Future Tech - 2018-07-03

Book Browser App: A guide about books

In my previous posts, I acquainted you with the different trending technologies and what can you expect from them. In this post I am going to talk about one of the smartphone application that we could see in future sooner than later. We all believe that Mobile Communication made our life easy. And with the…

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Future Tech - 2016-09-08

3D Printing: Completely a Boon to Humans

What is Trending? On March 17, 2016 The Conversation author Sebastian Greenhough wrote the blog describing th progress of 3D Printing in printing Facial Human Cells. On August 29,2016 columnist Tess of 3ders told us about the successful implant of 3d printed Titanium Vertebrae Prosthetic by Chinese Doctors. On August 30, 2016 LIVESCIENCE columnist Richa…

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Future Tech - 2016-09-02

Reality Wars: Virtual Reality v/s Augmented Reality v/s Holography

As far as Simulated Environment/Reality goes, Microsoft is sitting pretty at the top of the innovations list with ‘HoloLens’. CNet columnist Nick Statt described HoloLens as.. “…a sleek, flashy headset with transparent lenses. You can see the world around you, but suddenly that world is transformed — with 3D objects floating in midair, virtual screens…

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Future Tech - 2016-08-30

A peek into the fun Holographic Stickers

As a child we all have played with those 3D stickers and even with holograms that used to come in the books. And always wondered about how these are made? How is it possible that we are able to see the image only when we tilt it at angle of light? Who invented them? But…

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Future Tech - 2016-08-26

Evolving Architecture: Live in the Sun, Sip coffee on Asteroids!

Start My Vehicle. Experience Marathon Journeys. See Undiscovered New Places. Do you remember this rhyme sentence we used, to learn the names of the planets in our Solar System? With changing pattern of education, we feel that the coming generations will not be using this sentence for memorizing the planets as methods of learning are…

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