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Preeti is a technical writer with Systweak. She covers new technology and troubleshooting. She loves gadgets and is an avid reader. In her free time, she likes to travel and explore new places solo.

Author: Preeti Seth

Apps - 2020-04-02

Best Work from Home Apps for iOS and Android – 2020

As billions of people are quarantined at home due to coronavirus, they are not only fighting the pandemic but are also dealing with the working from home phenomena. If you’re someone who is not used to this, the temporary norm can make you feel unproductive. Well, we feel you. So, here we are with the…

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Apps - 2020-03-31

The Best HIIT Working out at Home Apps 2020

As coronavirus COVID-19 stays, major fitness chains worldwide to decrease on-going virus rates are indefinitely closing their doors. But it’s important to stay healthy and due to this growing number of people are turning to home fitness, home working out apps. So, here we will enlist the best home workout apps to get moving when…

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Tech News - 2020-03-30

Creators Claim Zoom iOS App Is Now Safe to Use

iOS users update to Zoom’s latest version to fix the bug As if working from home and the spread of COVID-19 was not enough. Motherboard on Friday March 27th warned iOS users about a flaw in the Zoom video conferencing app. What were the news and the flaw? Revelation, made by Motherboard showed Zoom video…

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How-To, Tech Facts - 2020-03-30

How To Delete Amazon Prime Account?

Amazon Prime is a great initiative from Amazon. It offers a number of perks like free two-day shipping (and even same-day delivery at some places), Prime Video and Amazon Music.  Using these add-ons, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies and can listen to your favorite music on the go. Even after all this,…

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google - 2020-03-29

How To Move Photos From Google Drive To Google Photos

Back in July Google Drive and Google Photos parted ways. This means changes made to one service will not be reflected in the other one. In simple words, users will no longer be able to sync photos automatically. Due to this, users started looking for ways to move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos….

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Android, Tech News - 2020-03-29

How To Install Android 11 Quickly With Simple Steps

Android 11 Developer Preview is out. Here’s how you can install it. Google’s Android marks the beginning of a new journey with its Android 11’s First Developer Preview (DP1). Although it’s a bit early, usually Google releases developer builds in March. But this doesn’t mean Google will compromise with features. Talking about features, Android 11…

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Cyber Security, Hacking News - 2020-03-30

Steganography: A New Way to Spread Malware

While we are getting ready to fight zero-day threats, popular exploits, deadly COVID-19 virus. Hackers are evolving new techniques to pass on the malware on your machines. A concept introduced in 1499 but existed since ancient times is the new weapon. It’s called “steganography this new technique is used to send data in a hidden…

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