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Preeti Seth

A tech enthusiast who started her career as a technical support agent understands the importance of problem-solving. Being in the IT industry for almost 12 years she has a vision to help people with troubleshooting. She specializes in curating articles about the latest update in the tech world. In her free time, she loves reading mystery, sci-fi books, and travelling.

Author: Preeti Seth

Mac software - 2017-08-28

Chrome: A Threat To Your Macbook’s Battery

Google’s Chrome is one of the finest browser used worldwide and Mac is the best computer one can have. Don’t you think this deadly combination, is really amazing, if you get it on your Macbook? Surely, the answer will be Yes, because you don’t know that this blend is one of the major reason for…

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Ransomware, Tech News - 2017-08-24

Locky Ransomware ‘Back from the Dead’

The dreadful ransomware is back with two new variants namely, ‘Diablo’ and ‘Lukitus’. Security researchers have recently spotted two new Locky Ransomware strains Diablo and Lukitus. Like other types of crypto-locking ransomware, they are also designed to encrypt files on a PC and demand a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. These new variants were…

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Tips & Tricks - 2017-08-22

How to Change a Google Drive File Owner

Saving data on removable media such as hard drive, pen drives is certainly and old hat. With the dawn of cloud storage, Google Drive is becoming the most efficient, practical, and free way to share, save, and synchronize files on the web. It is an easily accessible personal drive in the cloud which allows you…

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Android, Apps - 2020-04-30

13 Best EBook Reader Apps for Android

We all know that Kindle and Kobo have made it really easy to have any book, when you need one. But sometimes they become useless, especially If you fail to charge these or there is no Wi Fi connection. What will you do in such case? Just don’t think too much, as we have an…

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Android, Tips & Tricks - 2017-10-13

Cool Features on Your Android You Might Not Know

When it comes to consumer preference in smartphones nothing beats Android. With each passing day, its user base is growing stronger. Android phones are affordable, available in all price ranges and are user friendly. A considerable part of our time is spent on our phone, but we still miss out on exploring many features that…

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iPhone - 2017-08-13

Essential Guide to Use iTunes 12 – How to use iTunes 12

Organizing your music, movies, TV shows and other media is definitely not easy. But iTunes can help you with its powerful features. You can easily build your collection and can decide what music you want hear. With iTunes you can manually build playlists, specify criteria while creating the list – tracks from the ’90s four…

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