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Rimzhim Sharma

Rimzhim Sharma is a blogger at Systweak Software. An engineer by qualification, she discovered her penchant for writing all things tech and cool, quite by chance. She writes about newest technology trends and gadgets. When not writing, Rimzhim is likely to be found reading, traveling, or simply digging into her favorite foods.

Author: Rimzhim Sharma

Alternative, Top 10 - 2020-07-02

Best Clash of Kings Alternatives for Android and iOS

Released back in 2014, Clash of Kings is a popular real-time strategy building multiplayer game available for both Android and iOS platforms. The plotline of the game moves around an addictive objective where one needs to build an empire while protecting it against the neighboring enemies. Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s roughly based on HBO’s epic…

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How-To, Windows 10 - 2020-06-29

How to Fix Error Code 2048 on Windows 10

Error code 2048 is a common Windows runtime error that encounters during video playback, notably on QuickTime Player and YouTube. As soon as this error strikes on your device, the app suddenly crashes or gets interrupted in some or the other way. One of the most annoying things related to this error is that it…

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How-To, Windows 10 - 2020-06-26

How to Fix File System Error on Windows 10

“File system error” is one of the most commonly faced Windows error that most of us have encountered at some point in time or other. It displays a tiny notification alert on the screen, stating almost no explanation of what caused the error. File System errors can be of various types; some might occur due…

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