Sarang Bhargava, Author at Systweak Software

Author: Sarang Bhargava

Tech News - 2019-12-05

Are Pirate Bays Of Scientific Research Doing Any Good?

Scientific research papers are hard to find on the internet. To say the least they are not freely available. If you wish to have one, you have to pay a price. That’s where the concept of “paywall” comes into being – you have to subscribe to a website to be able to access content that…

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Press Release - 2019-09-16

Systweak Launches Similar Photos Fixer For iOS

Creator of several quality applications, Systweak Software has launched yet another app named Similar Photos Fixer for iOS users. The aptly named Similar Photos Fixer scans through hundreds of similar-looking and identical photos in one tap, thereby helping recover storage space on your iPhone. This app has a simplistic and easy to use interface which…

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Driver Guide, windows 10 - 2019-09-04

Reasons Why Windows 10 Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Just as air is important to stay alive, we can’t just think of our lives without the internet. But, there are times when there are connectivity issues and one of the most common issues that completely bowls a user over is Wi-Fi not working. Wondering how it happened? Here are some of the probable reasons…

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Tips & Tricks - 2019-08-12

5 Commandments Before You Try To Access Dark Web

The deep web and dark web websites might be famous or infamous for various reasons, yet there is so much to scratch beneath the ‘surface web’, that we know. Before you quench your thirst for how to access the dark web, it is important that you take heed of some of the safety points that…

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