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Sarang Bhargava

Sarang is an avid blogger who loves to delve into the various dimensions of technology. He often explores operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS and other platforms and likes penning his findings in the most creative and intriguing manner. When not blogging, he loves to pour his heart out in the form of poems and stories.

Author: Sarang Bhargava

Android - 2020-08-05

5 Easy Ways You Can Share Apps on Android

The popularity of Android OS and Android devices needs no mentions, and when you talk of an Android device, the first thing that comes to mind after features is the ocean of apps that you can have on your device. Apps are such an essential part of an Android phone. They make your life simple…

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Android - 2020-08-03

Top 9 Best Chrome Extensions For Android In 2020

Is It Even Possible To Install Chrome Extensions On Your Android Device? Read On! If you are a Google Chrome user, you surely love the extensions, don’t you? There are extensions for all purposes. There are extensions with the help of which you can edit your documents and make them impeccable. Then there are extensions…

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Web Browser - 2020-08-06

Unable To Remove Chrome Extensions? We’ve Got The Fixes

Google Chrome extensions are fun to work with. They take your productivity to the next level. And, just like any other application or software, you can install or remove Chrome extensions whenever you want, especially, if an application is unwanted or potentially dangerous.  But, what if you are unable to remove a Chrome Extension? What…

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