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Shivnandini Tyagi is a content writer with Systweak Software. She loves reading articles and editorials on technology. When not writing you can find her engrossed in a book or donning the chef's hat

Author: Shivnandini Tyagi

Tech News - 2019-08-07

How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Infected?

We probably use our mobile phone as much as our computers, for some may be even more. More than a luxury they have now become a necessity and why not? Apart from the usual, calling, texting, listening to music and gaming, we now use our phones for sending mails, making financial transactions, mapping our health,…

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Cyber Security - 2018-04-06

Microsoft Security Essentials: The Dark Horse Of Cybersecurity

Despite being a tech giant and a household name for computer operating systems, Microsoft has been struggling for years to prove its worth in the antivirus department. Regardless of the sophisticated security that this free antivirus offers, it has been largely underrated over the years. Nevertheless, it has finally proven its worth in a slow…

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Blockchain - 2018-03-17

NEM (XEM) : Another Cryptocurrency Devoured by Hackers?

NEM(XEM) was recently hacked of around $534 million USD. Yes! That has made it one of the largest thefts across the globe! Judging the cryptocurrency already? We don’t blame you!Coincheck where the hacking took place, reimbursed $440 million (46.6 billion yen) to its client base of 2,60,000.  For now, the Coincheck is being pinpointed for…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-24

Dash: Cryptocurrency On The Go

Dash! Darkcoin! XCoin, different names, same cryptocurrency. Released in January 2014 as XCoin (XCO), within a few days the name of this cryptocurrency was changed to Darkcoin (DRK). The coin was again rebranded as Dash (DSH) in March 2015. An open source, peer to peer cryptocurrency, Dash was created to address the issue of lack…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-19

Monero – Good Cryptocurrency Gone Bad?

Monero! Although the open-source cryptocurrency has been around since 2014 but has been under quite a lot of flak off late. Also abbreviated as [XMR], Monero is a fork of Bytecoin Monero (XMR) and has been equally loved and hated for being an anonymous cryptocurrency. It is based on the CryptoNote protocol and like its…

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Tech News, Top 10 - 2020-12-11

10 Best Website Builders 2021

Websites and blogs have redefined how individuals and organizations connect with others across the globe. Be it an individual or large business, everyone needs a  website to showcase their thoughts and work to the world. This year many of us  must have resolved to create a website. But we do realize that it can come…

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Android, Top 10 - 2020-04-29

Must Have Android Apps Other than Facebook & WhatsApp

More often than not the moment we get a smartphone, the first step is to download, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc. But hey! Its a smartphone and it is upto us how smart or dumb we make it. We unfortunately do not use our phones to their full potential. Despite some of the best android…

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Blockchain - 2018-01-22

Sweatcoin: Now Lose Pounds For Monetary Gains!

For those of you who hate to leave their warm blankets on cold winter mornings or rush home from office to sit next to the fireplace, there is a new motivator on the block! A UK based health app, Sweatcoin has been designed on the lines of bitcoin to bring in monetary motivation to your…

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