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Srishti Sisodia

Srishti Sisodia is a technical content journalist at Systweak Software. Apart from being a capable engineer, her affinity for inscription draws her towards writing interesting content about contemporary technologies and progressions. She is an avid reader and a fare connoisseur. She relishes different cuisines and when it comes to baking, she takes the cake!

Author: Srishti Sisodia

Learning Center - 2020-05-22

How To Measure Your Stress Level Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19, the current epidemic started in Wuhan, China, and within a few months, it has affected 203 countries and its territories around the world. This outbreak has not been controlled yet, and the cure is yet to be found. The WHO has laid down the basic guidelines and preventive measures; however, with increasing cases and…

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Tech News - 2020-03-13

Will Coronavirus Outbreak Result In Lifting Data Caps Forever?

Home internet users have always been living under a constant threat of diminishing data caps. With the Coronavirus outbreak at large, people are forced to stay home, do meetings via video or audio conferencing. With the time of distress surrounding, people prefer to stay in and pass their time by watching YouTube and other streaming…

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