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Srishti Sisodia

Srishti Sisodia is a technical content journalist at Systweak Software. Apart from being a capable engineer, her affinity for inscription draws her towards writing interesting content about contemporary technologies and progressions. She is an avid reader and a fare connoisseur. She relishes different cuisines and when it comes to baking, she takes the cake!

Author: Srishti Sisodia

Tech News - 2020-01-04

Do You Know Where & How Is Your Data Stored?

“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” ~ T.S. Eliot Everything in the world perishes once its sweet time ends. The machines or the data stored on your disks meet the same fate. Everything has a shelf life. Now, with advanced technology, it is…

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Software - 2019-11-20

Why Do You Need A Pattern Matcher Tool?

If you are a designer at a textile or paper industry, working on patterns and dealing with designs must be your daily chore. Your collection must be filled with numerable identical-looking patterns. With time, your database is filled with duplicates and similar-looking patterns, making it hard to identify them. Also, staring at patterns and designs…

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Top 10, Windows - 2020-01-02

10 Best Free Anti-Malware Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

Internet advancement and its increased usage have widened the reach. With it, has increased the malware attacks and virus infections. Under such attacks, people have lost their entire data or experienced slowed performance in computers. This is the reason best free anti-malware software for windows are required as a precautionary measure. These attacks could happen…

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How-To, Windows - 2019-11-01

How To Fix Driver Digitally Not Signed Error?

Have you ever come across “Driver digitally-not signed error” while installing software?  If yes, then you must understand how irritating it can be! The errors come up as Windows need a digitally signed driver. In simple words, Windows needs a verified driver by Signing Authority. The error usually shows up after you have installed an…

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Android, iPhone, Tech News - 2019-11-28

iPhone Pro Max Vs Android Flagship Smartphones

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have just been launched, upon knowing its stupendous features, it seems that iPhone is all set to become one number flagship smartphone in the market. Whether it is the camera with enhanced features such as Deep Fusion, Photos app with inbuilt video editing tool, or the slo-mo…

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Apple News, iPhone, Tech News - 2020-01-15

Why Should You Buy iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro?

One of the most hyped events of the year, Apple Special Event “By innovation only”  happened on Tuesday 10 Sept 2019. Just like every year, Apple announced its flagships iPhones. This year’s highlight was the iPhone 11 trio. Tim Cook and the Apple team were excited to share all the information about these three super…

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Windows, windows 10 - 2019-09-08

Best Free Screencast Software On Windows

Reading a manual to know steps to troubleshoot or watching a tutorial to do the same, what would you prefer? I prefer the latter as it is better to show, then tell. What if you want to guide someone to troubleshoot, what would you choose, screenshots(images) or screen recorded video? Screen recording is better to…

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