Best Bitcoin Wallets For iPhone

Best Bitcoin Wallets For iPhone


Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are transferred or exchanged through Digital Wallets. These wallets appear to have significant role, apart from making transactions the quintessential feature every wallet must have is Safety & Security!

These digital wallets are kinda handy for all type of transactions, even some of the apps allow users to perform simple transactions without entering much details.

Read the following blog to know the easiest and efficient way to store cryptocurrencies in the best coin wallets that you can control on your device.

iphone bitcoin wallet

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Let’s Look At The Most Secure Wallets For iOS Devices

Keep your Bitcoins always with you in your wallet! Here’s a breakdown of the best bitcoin wallets for iPhone one should consider.

1. Airbitz

Okay, so first on our list the most popular iOS wallet is Airbitz. It’s best known for ensuring user’s privacy and security that is not breached. The wallet is completely decentralized; therefore, not even Airtbitz or any third party can access your Bitcoins. Also, the wallet is linked to multiple Bitcoin nodes to reduces the fear of downtime when user uses the wallet.

Airbitz stands out of the market, because of its unusual ability to make payments using Bluetooth.

airbitz app
Image Source: AppAdvice

Try this beginner-friendly HD iPhone wallet app-  Airbitz!

2. Bither

Next good option you have by your side is, Bither which runs on either hot or cold mode. In simple words, Hot mode runs on online mode and allows user to monitor Bitcoin savings with Watch Only mode. Whereas, Cold mode runs on offline mode to sign transactions and allows user to create a backup of their private keys protected by password.

Get system notifications for every new transaction made and check real-time price of reputed Bitcoin Exchanges.

bither bitcoin app

Use Bither as simple as cash or card!

3. Blockchain

Another most popular web-based wallet, which offers iOS and Android platforms for securely storing Bitcoins- Blockchain Wallet. Perks of using a Blockchain Wallet- is to eliminate the place of a middleman, keep tracking current cryptocurrency market prices, stay safe with the advanced two-step verification and seamlessly buy and sell Bitcoins, Ether and Bitcoin Cash.

Blockchain wallet offers 20+ fiat currency options, QR Code support and its compatible with 25+ languages.

blockchain app for iphone

Send and Receive digital money instantly with Blockchain Wallet!

4. Coinomi

This digital wallet is easy-to-use and most importantly a reliable app for both newbies and pro users.  It’s fast, user-friendly and support numerous altcoins. Though it’s completely free to use, but every time you make an outgoing transaction, you might be charged with a fee that goes to the miners associated with that currency.

Mostly focused on user’s anonymity, so the app doesn’t track your transactions, no identity linking and no IP storing.

Coinomi bitcoin wallet app

Robust privacy features making Coinomi a popular choice in iOS wallet!

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5. Coins App Wallet

Also known as CoinSpace. With Sleek UI, the platform has been designed so simply and elegantly that anybody can use it. Apart from Bitcoin CoinSpace also supports Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Check out the large database within CoinSpace and explore local businesses which accepts bitcoins as a payment mode.

Make the most out of it and use geo-location feature to make transaction with nearby users. Additional it’s been said that more coin storage options will be coming soon.

Coins App Wallet for bitcoin
Image Source:BitTrust

Get the complete control of your finances with Coin App Wallet!

6. Jaxx

When it comes to accessibility and convenience, hands down! Jaxx iPhone wallet app wins the race. The app provides lots of storage for different cryptocurrencies. That means, if you are an advance user in crypto space and deals with multiple coins, then this place is best for you. Another perk of using Jaxx is it proffers the ability to pair with different platforms, which means easy sync to all your devices.

The downside lurks with Jaxx is that it doesn’t provide multi signature transactions i.e. lack of one security layer.

Image Source: Blockchain WTF

Get started in just few clicks-  Jaxx blockchain wallet!

To Sum Up:

Do remember despite these apps provide good amount of handiness, when it comes to making quick transactions. However, it is recommended not to keep huge number of Bitcoins in these mobile wallet apps. Make sure you conduct good research before you choose a wallet to keep your digital assets in.

Keep Your Wallet Safe & Sound! 🙂

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