Best Cross Platform File Sharing Apps

Best Cross Platform File Sharing Apps

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These days it is hard to imagine that someone will have only one electronic gadget. We all have many gadgets with different operating systems. When it comes to features and user interface every operating system is different from the other but if you have multiple devices with different operating system then you might have faced issues in sharing files and working on the same thing from different devices. But, it is now very easy to share files between multiple platforms. Though there are certain limitations with specific devices such as AirDrop can only work on Apple devices, you cannot attach a pen drive to a smartphone, etc. But, guess what? There are some third-party applications which can break barriers of operating systems and you can easily share files here are some of them.

1. SHAREit:

The application deserves to be on top of the list because of its easy functionality and user-friendly interface. On this application you can easily share large files such as Movies and other high-quality videos. If you are sharing files between Android and iOS device, then you will need to connect both the devices through Wi-fi and once you will get the file on iOS device you can only play it on a third-party player. Therefore, SHAREitis also has its own player. All and all the application is a perfect solution if you are looking to transfer songs or videos from one device to other.



Compatibility: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows

2. Xender:

Another popular tool to share files between multiple platforms is Xender. You can use it on any platform. It also comes with a web interface which makes it useful for those who are looking for one-time solution for file transfer. Both the users need to connect with each other over Wi-Fi and then they can easily transfer large files. Like other file sharing apps for multiple platforms, Xender also has group sharing feature. This helps you to share the same file to multiple users on multiple operating systems at the same time.



Compatibility: Android, iOS, Window. Mac.

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3. Send Anywhere:

Send Anywhere is a different kind of application in itself. With a compatibility of sending files over WiFi you can also send files over the internet. It uses P2P Protocol to share files. Which means you can share files over the internet without getting them saved over any server. The best thing that you will love about this application to share files between multiple platforms is that sender or receiver is not compulsorily require installing the app its web interface is sufficient for performing major tasks the application is free and with no transfer limits. so, we can say that the application is not only an effective tool to share files between multiple platforms but can also be used to share files with your friends who are far away.

Send Anywhere


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Window. Mac. Web interface can work on all the platforms without even having the app.

4. Snap Share:

Snap Share

Snap Share is a relatively less known application. Though developer has created some well-known applications but this one is not able to make much room for itself. Like other file sharing apps, it creates its own hotspot and then you can easily share files between devices. It does not require an internet connection. With this app you can have a seamless experience in sharing files across all the popular platforms. Developers claim that it is 150X times faster than Bluetooth sharing.


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Window. Mac

5. Instashare:

If you are looking for a sharing application with straight forward UI then your search ends here. Instashare helps you to send files without restrictions. The application works without letting you pinch any specific password or paring this makes it pretty easier for the users on all the platforms to send and receive files.



Compatibility: Android, iOS, Window. Mac

This is how you can easily share files between multiple devices running on multiple operating systems. Now Operating system is not a barrier anymore! Share files without any restrictions and with a lightning speed. Pick any of the sharing apps for multiple platforms to get started.

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