Best Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

Best Cryptocurrency Debit Cards


For someone on the go, debit cards are the best means of having one’s monetary assets handy. Now, with Cryptocurrency ruling roost, it isn’t surprising to see a surge of crypto debit cards on the rise. While many Cryptocurrency investors are still a little bit hesitant about completely converting they assets into crypto, the mainstream use of crypto debit cards are sure to convert many naysayers. These cards are easy to use and accepted in a majority number of industries such as service sector and trading. Mentioned below are the details of the best Cryptocurrency debit cards that you can use.

1.  SpectroCoin:


This Blockchain wallet will help you to denominate your cryptocurrencies into USD or Euros. It also offers more than 20 deposit and withdrawal methods which include debit card, credit card, bank transfer and cash. Though one does have to pay a specific amount for the same and also bear the cost of additional 1%, this amount is charged as a fee to load cryptocurrency on to the card. If we keep aside the expenses involved in loading this one, then it is the best option for every person who is keenly interested in cryptocurrencies.

2. Wirex:


If one does not want to spend more money to get a cryptocurrency debit card, then Wirex is the best option for you. Currently, it delivers both virtual and physical cards free of cost! Wirex is basically an app that is designed and developed to offer debit cards to the users. The best thing about this card is the feature of ‘cryptoback’. It allows users to get 0.5% when they make purchases with this card. Moreover, it has a nominal fee which needs to be paid monthly!

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3. Uquid:


If you are someone who has varied variety of coins, then this debit card is the best option for you. It supports a huge number of alt coins and thus one need not worry which cryptocurrency they own. They can always use this debit card for utilizing a large variety of them. Also, it does not charge anything extra for loading the cryptocurrency to the wallet. What is even more interesting is the fact that users need not verify their identities as well because card has a maximum limit that is six purchases and four withdrawals.

4. CryptoPay:


Also known as Bitcoin card, CryptoPay offers you a Bitcoin debit card that too without identity verification. Though there are still several shortcomings many prefer not to opt for it. So, why are we recommending it? Simply because it comes with a price tag so nominal that it can save one a significant amount. Only, if they buy it from different websites that have offers for their potential credit. Standard price of 1$ is required for this, but each time you convert your Bitcoin through this, you’ll have to let go of 1% extra! But as Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, this one is on boom right now!

 5. Coinbase Shift:

Coinbase Shift

This one is not available for everyone but for people living in 43 states of US. You’ll have to invest US $ 20 initially which is treated as insurance! Moreover, this is an optimal choice for those who are not looking forward to using the cryptocurrency debit card quite often. You ask why? As there are no monthly charges, one will have to pay $2.50 for every transaction. By transaction, we mean ATM transactions for which we need special ATMs and they are only at a few US states that have regulatory approval. The unique factor in this one is that payment is charged directly from wallet and no conversion fee of any kind is being charged.

6. Bitwala Visa:

Bitwala Visa

Another great option is being powered by Bitwala Platform. It is growing at a fast pace and claims that it is leading the market by providing the prepaid cards for Bitcoin users across the world. With the all in one debit card which is being provided it is said to be competent enough to access more than 40 cryptocurrencies. It has three levels of cards and each one is different in terms of monthly limits, withdrawal and other important parameters.

7. WageCan:


Developed by Taiwan-based team, they are providing services since 2014. Issued by Transforex, you can use this one to transact in Bitcoins. Another unique feature about this is that on the card wallet address is printed which is convenient for both sending and receiving parties. Unlike others, this is accessible to people of multiple nationalities and can be used at any of 30 million ATMS which are scattered in 210 countries.

There you have it folks! The best cryptocurrency debit cards in the market. Before you choose, do read the fine print involved.

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