Best Currency Converter Apps for Android 2018

Best Currency Converter Apps for Android 2018

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You don’t necessarily need to be a foreign exchange trader to keep yourself equipped with the best currency converter apps for Android in your phone. Whether you’re a Forex trader or just want to keep yourself updated, these currency converter apps will come in handy.

Google Play Store is your one stop solution to find the best currency converter apps for Android in 2018. We’re going to discuss five currency converter apps, which we found best among all.

1. XE Currency:

XE Currency is a popular foreign exchange rate monitoring app that is used highly among tourists and dealers. This app not only provides live exchange rates and charts, you can also set an XE Rate Alert to monitor your favorite currencies for immediate notification. It stores the last updated value of currencies to help you make offline conversions. The app offers to compare ten currencies at once and supports precious metal.

XE Currency

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2. Easy Currency Converter:

Easy Currency Converter does the typical job for you by providing you 180 currencies with live exchange rates and offline mode. You just need to setup your favorite currencies list and you’ll see them at first glance always. This app lets you monitor the rates through a graph ranging from 1 day to 5 years. Also, it supports Bitcoin, the legendary cryptocurrency. What else one needs!

Easy Currency Converter

3. ConvertPad – Unit Converter:

ConvertPad is one of the best currency converter apps for Android as it does almost everything you expect an app to do. The app works as a Unit converter, currency converter and a currency and unit calculator. ConvertPad is popular for its intuitive interface and handy features, which deliver real-time currency and unit conversion rate. With its latest version, the app can voice search for the currency you’re looking for.

ConvertPad - Unit Converter

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4.  Mobile Converter:

Mobile Converter is extremely simple application that is designed to do a core job: currency conversion. It lets you select eight favorite currencies, which it shows at first. M-Converter updates the live rates every time you launch the application. However, the app works offline with the last rate update it received. This app is available in multiple languages, which every currency converter must be. If you just want to keep an eye on the rates, the app is for you.

Mobile Converter

5. My Currency Pro:

With more than 180 currencies, My Currency Pro shows you live exchange rates and put the whole world in your palm. With this app, you can check and track the old European currencies along with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. My Currency Pro has an attractive interface and allows you to set a home screen widget to keep you up-to-date with live exchange rates.

My Currency Pro

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All currency converter apps work almost the same way. It depends on your interest and need, what you’re looking for in an app. This list of best currency converter apps for Android are based their utility rather than personal preferences. So, you can select any of these apps to start learning more about them.

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