Best DApps On Ethereum Blockchain Platform

Best DApps On Ethereum Blockchain Platform


There is no doubt that Ethereum rules the world of DApps and smart contracts. Talking about the current scenario, 90% of the DApps and smart contracts are hosted by Ethereum ecosystem and this is expected to grow with the coming time.

In layman language, DApps are considered as decentralized applications that are not controlled by any single entity. This is because DApps are based on a distributed ledger the Ethereum Blockchain.

Since DApps are gaining so much popularity, we guess it’s the right time to brief our users about the best DApps that are performing extremely well currently and are expected to boom in the future too.

Best DApps On Ethereum Blockchain Platform:

1. Ethlance:


Take Ethlance as a souk for jobs which is decentralized in nature. Users can sue Ethlance for posting jobs and also for hiring people who work as freelancers and have their resumes posted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The best part about Ethlance is that it does not take any commission nor does people have to pay a registration fee when they register to Ethlance and hence the employers and candidates work freely.

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2. CryptoKitties:


CryptoKitties is yet another famous DApp amongst the category of best DApps on Ethereum Blockchain platform.

It is a game or an app that allow its users to digital cats known as crypto collectibles. Users can purchase, sell and even breed their crypto collectibles. CryptoKitties as an app is based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform and is decentralized in nature where CryptoKitties are unique in nature.

Each cat owned by the user is totally unique in nature and cannot be replicated, taken away or stolen from anyone.

3. Aragon:


Aragon is yet again an awesome DApp based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The main purpose of Aragon is to first create and thereafter manage the decentralized autonomous organizations. These decentralized autonomous organizations are also referred to as DAOs.

The Aragon decentralized autonomous organizations can easily be applied at multiple places such as organizations, companies and non-profit foundations. It mainly aims at increasing the effectiveness as well as add to the transparency of entities.

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4. uPort:


Another Ethereum Blockchain based platform is uPort which is customized for identity management.

With the main aim of eliminating identify fraud, uPort works by restructuring the digital identities and is backed up by ConsesSys.

uPort works by considering users mobile devices as a part of their identities and then fetches the data from the phone with users’ consent. This data then gets saved on the Smart Contract present on the Ethereum Blockchain platform.

5. Prism:


A trustless asset portfolio and decentralized system based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform and powered by ShapeShift.

Prism is amongst the top DApps that users use to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. Not only can they invest Ethereum, users can easily specify the percentage of holding they want to acquire.

Prism also eliminates the need to remember passwords and seeds of multiple crypto exchanges and wallets.

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With the increased usage and trust on Ethereum Blockchain platform, a major inclination towards DApps and smart contracts have been seen in recent times. We in this article have tried to educate users about some of the most used and best DApps on Ethereum Blockchain platform. Do let us know how you liked the article by sharing your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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