8 Best Disk Partition Software for Windows 2018

8 Best Disk Partition Software for Windows 2018
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Creating partition on your computer’s hard drive might sound like a pesky affair, but has several benefits for your system’s health. Different regions for storing data makes it easier for your operating system to manage data separately. This also saves your data from accidental loss in case the operating system gets corrupted with a virus and also improves a computer’s performance. There are countless software and applications that facilitate easy disk partitioning for Windows systems without any hassle. In this article let’s take a look at some of the best disk partition and management software you can find in 2018.

8 Best Disk Partition Software for windows 10, 8, 7-

1. Paragon Partition Manager


This isn’t just a disk partitioning software, but also takes care of various security loopholes that could put your data at risk. With Paragon Partition Manager you can easily create partitions, split, merge, move data, format and wipe free memory. It also ensures that you’re able to use the maximum storage space by making calculated size allocation to different partitions. Make your hard drive more efficient by using Paragon Partition Manager for Windows.

2. Partition Logic 0.7


Managing your disk and data was never as simple and secure. With Partition Logic 0.7 you can easily create, erase, resize, defragment, copy and modify partitions on your hard drive. You can also use this software as a handy data transfer device when copying entire hard drives. This software is absolutely free with no hidden costs and can doesn’t require to be loaded from boot. It can also correct corrupted partitions with ease, and is a highly recommended and one of the best disk partition software. Download Partition Logic 0.7 here.

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3. GParted


One of the most effective yet extremely easy to operate disk partitioning tool you can find for Windows 10, 7, 8 and other versions. It’s a free software that allows you to make new partitions, allocate or move data, resize partitions, delete, label and manipulate various file systems. You can easily create additional space for installing a new operating system, without entering boot menu. And since it’s free from any costs, it is certainly the best choice for you. Download GParted here.

4. Mini Tool Partition Wizard


Especially designed to optimize and maximize the usable disk space on your computer, Mini Tool Partition Wizard is one of the best disk partition software in the market. Its interface is highly user-friendly and makes disk management extremely easy, even for new users who aren’t that well versed with computers. Regardless whether you’re using a HDD or SSD, Partition Wizard can take care of all your drive management requirements with ease and haste. Download Mini Tool Partition Wizard here.

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5. AOMEI Partition Assistant


Another highly capable disk partition tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant is also one of the most powerful software you can get your hands on. You can use its various modules to increase or decrease the size of a partition, copy data to different partitions, merge two or more partitions. It can be used with any disk type and can help manage any size of data. Install Partition Assistant today to take care of all your data management worries.

Purchase AOMEI Partition Assistant here.

6. EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition


With over 30,000,000 trusted users, this is certainly the best disk partition software that is available absolutely free of cost. Formatting and partitioning is recommended by almost every expert computer user simple due to the sheer benefits. Partition Master can easily create partitions, delete them or merge them together with just a few clicks. You can also resize and extend partitions, while also changing file format from FAT to NTFS. You can also change primary partition to act like a logical partition and can easy support up to 8 TB of hard disk space.

Purchase EaseUS Partition Master.

7. Tenorshare Partition Manager


This software supports nearly every version of the Windows operating system making this a highly versatile disk management tool. Its various functions allow you to optimize existing partitions by simply deleting unnecessary portions of the data. You can also safely format your data in case you want to create fresh space for new OS. You can also change the properties of a particular partition, change volume labels, and assign any letter to a drive. It can also convert primary partition to logical so you can create sub-partitions to keep data organized.

Purchase Tenorshare Partition Manager Here

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8. Cute Partition Manager


Do not be misled by its humble name as this is one of the best freely available disk partition software you can find. Its simple interface keeps things easy for not so expert users and its small size makes it a handy disk management utility for windows 10, 7, 8 users. It not only allows you to create, delete, format, merge and expand partitions, but also allows you to check their performance before saving changes so your hard drive is never underutilized. Download Cute Partition Manager here.

These were the best software for disk partition on windows. Partitioning hard drives sure has a lot of benefits but can also reduce the storage potential. Mechanical hard drives can also become more vulnerable to damage as the write head has to move back and forth a lot. Nevertheless, it does serve more benefits than its ignorable disadvantages.

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