7 Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps For iPhone or iPad

7 Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps For iPhone or iPad 2020

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Your iPhone has an amazing camera and we know that you love to click countless photographs with it. Nevertheless, photos and videos shot in high resolution also takes remarkable amount of the storage. To cope with this Apple has introduced High Efficiency Video Format (HEVF) and High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). These format take much less space on while still maintaining high-quality media. However, this is still not a foolproof solution and you might still run out of storage.

To avoid this situation, you should keep cleaning duplicate photos on your iPhone. Another question is how you can quickly clean duplicates if you have thousands of photos on your device. The answer is very simple, you should take help of an effective duplicate photos cleaner app for iPhone. There are lots of application on the App store that claim to clear duplicate files on your iPhone.

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Therefore in this article, we are listing 7 best application to make it easy for you to make your choice.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer for iphone

First application in our list is Duplicate Photos Fixer from Systweak Software. The app deserves to be on the top of the list. The application is having very easy to understand User interface. It scans and show you the duplicates within few seconds by default application keep the first image from the group of duplicates unmarked and rest marked for the deletion. You can also select from duplicates as per your choice. After this you can remove duplicates in just one tap and allows you to take a backup of your files before deleting. Here’s the link to download Duplicate Photos Fixer from App store.

2. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover:

remo duplicate photo remover for iphone

Next duplicate Photo cleaner in our list is Remo Duplicate Photos remover. Like a good duplicate photo remover app, it quickly scans for duplicates when it comes to deletion of duplicate files, you can preview them before deleting. In the preview, you can also see the size of the file you are going to delete. Here is the link to download this app from the App store.

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3. Photo Cleaner -Album organizer:

photo cleaner album organizer

Next duplicate Photo cleaner for iPhone is from Jinpyo Hong. If you are looking for an application which is capable enough to remove duplicates and to Manage your Photo albums at the same time then you should go for this app. The best part about this application is that if you do not want to remove duplicates then you can compress them. Duplicate files will be compressed and still will be on your device. Here is the download link for this app.

4. Cleen Photos:

cleen photos for iphone

Cleaning duplicate photos never been so funny. The application works on the work Model of tinder where you can swipe right or left but here you have got 3 directions for swipe. Swipe up to favorite and choose not to delete the duplicate. Swipe down to trash and swipe left to decide late. The application shows you photos in the sequence of duplicity this makes it easier to clear duplicates manually.

5. CleanUp – Photo Album Editor:

CleanUp - Photo Album Editor

If you’re looking for a free duplicate photo cleaner tool, then CleanUp is a perfect choice for you. On this app, you can swipe right or left to compare duplicate photos. The concept of the app is to enable you to delete multiple photos at a time. We keep clicking Photos from our device and this is the fact that 90% of them are not that important to us. So, this application is an easy way to bulk delete duplicates and unnecessary photos.

6. AVG Photo Cleaner and Manager:

AVG photo cleaner and manager

Another application is from a famous security software manufacturer AVG. the application is more than cleaning duplicates. It detects blurry shots, Dark Photos, Poor quality photos and long videos. Which makes it very simple for you to clean your iPhone. It works with both internal and iCloud storage. With the time application also learns that which kind of photos you usually delete and then show you the suggestions next time.

7. Remove Master for Camera Roll:

remove master for camera roll

If you are looking for a duplicate photo finder application which can regularly remind you to clean unwanted photos from your iPhone then go for this app. Regular cleaning is must if you do not want to get annoying error message regarding storage at the end moment. The application works on simple swipe left and right model. After clearing unwanted or duplicate photos you need to Clean Deleted Photos folder.

So, this was our list of best duplicate photo finders cleaners for iPhones. This list will make it simple for you to choose an application to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone recover precious storage space.

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