Make Them Smarter With These Educational Apps For Kids

Make Them Smarter With These Educational Apps For Kids

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Education has a vital role in a human’s life. As soon as a child takes birth, he learns new things every day. In the early years, it is important to give appropriate learning to help them grow. As every kid is different, in terms of needs, and behavioral patterns, therefore the teaching methods for them will also vary.

In this era where everything has shifted to screens, therefore the learning of kids also rely on smart digital devices. Parents nowadays are using some of the digital tools and employing educational apps for kids. As per the current statistics, personalizing the educational approach for your kids is beneficial in many ways.

There are numerous apps that will help you in making your child smarter and sharper. These apps do not only make them learn the basics but they also, help them learn new things. But which learning apps for kids should you choose?

To help you decide, we have listed some of the best educational apps for kids to help your kid learn everything efficiently. These apps ensure to make your kids smarter while they learn and have fun.

Top Picks: Educational Apps For Kids (Free/Paid)

1. ABC Mouse

ABC mouse

Kids learn better while having fun. So, if you have a child(ren) aged between 2-8 years, ABC Mouse is one of the best learning apps for your kids. This interactive learning app covers making your child read and learn math, art, music, and much more. This app has a great track record and ultimate reviews of both teachers and parents for its full-standard based curriculum. This application has subjects for kids of all age groups from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade to 2nd grade. The best part is this app is 100% safe and kid-friendly.

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2. Read Unlimitedly! Kids’n Books

Read Unlimitedly! Kids’n Books

For your child, get this amazing app on your iOS or Android device, to make them learn reading and singing over and over again. Under this app, we have selected must-read stories for your kids presenting them in a fun-filled way. It lets your young ones to read and play side by side. Let your kids learn a lot of things through illustrations, sound effects, and actions in a game like features. This Read Unlimitedly! Kids’n Books app optimizes your child’s reading experience with its carefully designed components.

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3. Kids Learning Box: Preschool

Kids Learning Box- Preschool

Kids Learning Box is an all-in-one app for preschool and kindergarten kids. This is indeed a wonderful educational app for kids with 10 different and carefully created categories. You can experience its numerous features to make your kids learn numbers, alphabets, art, and much more. Get this smart app for kids who love games, colors, and shapes, etc. Get this learning box for your toddlers to let them find correct letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. With this intuitive app, you can make the most of your kid’s childhood education.

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4. Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

No one can know your kid better than you, if you find that your kid is interested in learning things through puzzle games, this app is just the right one for you. Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles features beautiful images drawn by professionals. Every jigsaw puzzle showcases images that will help your kid to learn something in a way or another. You can play with your kid from easy to hard level using 6,9,12 and so on puzzle pieces in order to adjust the difficulty of your child’s skill level.

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5. Kids All In One

Kids All in One

Want to improve your kids’ Nursery knowledge, get this amazing learning app. Kids All In One app is one of many apps that improve kids knowledge using visuals making them learn and grow with important basic elements about their educational curriculum. This app is embedded with categories such as Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Flowers, etc. With such smart learning apps, transform your kids’ learning experience and broaden their knowledge from classroom to home. This app is basically designed to help kids gain knowledge with colorful pictures and a beautiful user interface.

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6. Rockford’s Rock Opera: Children’s Audio Story 1

Rockford’s Rock Opera- Children’s Audio Story 1

An award-winning educational app that is known for its musical story for all ages. Created with a motive to engage and educate kids, this Rockford’s Rock Opera: Children’s Audio Story 1 app has hours of fun within. It has stories for bedtime, journeys and for schools too. This app is liked by most of the kids as it has within a narrated audio story with pictures, videos, and fantastic music. This app is widely recommended for education in schools, approved by qualified teachers for making a child learn English as a Foreign Language, music, and green issues including nature, ecology and extinction. Let your kids experience amazing dramatized audio adventure with this app that has a mix of everything- story, pictures, animation, songs, and sound effects.

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Whether To Keep Your Kids On Screen Or Off Screen?

Yes, this is obviously a major concern nowadays. With the majority of things being on screen, we can’t help it out keeping our kids away from the screen for so long. But we can surely ensure that they are stuck to screen for a valid reason. Restrict your kid’s screen time and for the time they are on screen, make sure that you have such learning and smart educational apps installed on your device. This will not hamper their mental state and will let you make the most of your parental responsibilities. The educational apps for kids are designed keeping the mindset and liking of kids in mind. These apps are indeed engaging in making your kids grow and learn more in a fun way.

What do you think? Can these learning apps help your kids learn and grow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. As a reminder, make sure that you do not let your kids entirely depend on these learning apps and maintain their screen distance keeping in mind their mental growth.

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