16 Best Free GPU Benchmark Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

16 Best Free GPU Benchmark Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

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Why should I consider installing a GPU Benchmark Software for Windows?

Put simply, the GPU or Graphical Processing Unit, which comprises video and graphics cards, helps your computer render video, images, and 2D and 3D animation.

Now imagine this scenario, you put in a shiny new graphics card but still don’t get to see the performance you expect out of it in a game. Why is that happening? Is your graphics card any less than one of its counterparts.

It is at this point that a GPU benchmark test can prove to be useful. This test is used to compare the performance, efficiency, and speed of your Graphics Processing Unit. We have eased out things for you. Here we have mentioned some of the best GPU Benchmark Software.

First thing’s first, what is a GPU Benchmark Software? Read on!

What Is A Graphic Card Benchmark Software?

A graphics card benchmark software or GPU benchmark software is an accurate way of putting GPUs to the test and pushing them to their maximum limit. This let us insight on important facets such as temperature, FPS, clocking speed, load, model name, how much stress is put on the GPU, etc. Plus, they are also a great way to check the graphics card configuration.

What Are The Types Of Benchmarking Software?

There are two types of benchmarks – (i) Real-time and (ii) Synthetic.

Real-Time Benchmarking: 

It is also known as real-world benchmarking, which gives accurate insights on frames per second, and that is while a gamer is playing a game or while a video is run.

Synthetic Benchmarking:

Are more like artificial programs that try to match characteristics of a set of large programs. It displays big numbers that are not as accurate as real-time benchmarking.

Top 16 Best Graphic Card Benchmark Software

We’ll now look at some of the best Software for GPU benchmarking, which you can install or access for free.

1. Speccy

Speccy GPU bench-marking software

If you want to find out the GPU performance of your Windows PC, go for Speccy. It is a free GPU benchmark software from Piriform, and it is capable of monitoring the CPU performance of your computer. It is a widely used software and comes with all the necessary information to judge your graphics card’s performance. The gamers will especially love this software as it will monitor the performance of different components on a CPU. Click on the dedicated Graphics section to find out the current operation of the GPU. The RAM, storage and temperature can be seen on Speccy GPU software. You can also get more features on the paid version in case you need automatic updates and support.

Other Features-

  • Monitor CPU temperature. 
  • Shares reports in XML and TXT format.
  • Printable reports.
  • Real-time monitoring.

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2. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

Undoubtedly one of the best free GPU benchmark software available gives you the complete control of your graphics card and keeps track of its overclocking. With MSI Afterburner, you can strike the right balance between GPU temperature and performance.

Other Features:

  • Can be used with all brands of graphic cards
  • A variety of overclocking tools that give access to your graphics card settings
  • OC Scanner for performance boost
  • The hardware monitor keeps tabs on clock speed, temperature, usage, and voltage
  • Custom fan profile


3. 3DMark Basic Edition

3DMark Basic Edition

This is another graphics card test software that tells you how the graphics card in your computer fairs up compared to other graphics cards. For installing the free version, you can head to the steam store and click on the “download demo” button. Supports Time Spy, Fire Strike, Night Raid, and Sky Diver benchmark tests for Windows 10 PC.

Other Features

  • Automatically detects your hardware and suggests the best benchmark.
  • Comprehensively displays clock speeds, changes in frame rate, and GPU temperatures
  • Customizable settings
  • Available in several languages


4. Catzilla

Catzilla software for GPU benchmarking

Be it a high-resolution video or a game; the GPU has to be powerful enough to sustain both. And, if you have a spec of doubt whether your computer will be able to handle such games and videos, test it with Catzilla. It is a free GPU benchmarking program that uses algorithms found in high-resolution PC video games and other graphic-intensive applications.

Other Features (of the free version):

  • You can enable a 720-pixel test
  • Record and compare scores with others and send them to Catzilla’s top list
  • After benchmark results pertaining to hardware and software are provided, you can tweak PC settings
  • Also tells you if your Windows needs and updates and if drivers are outdated


5. GFXBench

GFXBench for graphic card benchmarking

When talking about GPU test software, a name that immediately comes to mind is GFXBench. It is a high-end GPU benchmarking application created for the Next-Gen graphics. Once you select your desired API, you can start the test and compare the tests with other similar graphics card.

Other Features:

  • Easy to use interface which lets you perform in-application comparisons
  • Detects API of your device and runs high-level tests accordingly
  • Can even test low-level API’s like DX12, Metal, and Vulkan


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6. UserBenchmark


UserBenchmark is graphics card test software that has already been tested by millions of users on their computers. With this application, you can test how speedy your GPU is in less than a minute. If you are making a buying decision for your next GPU, you can visit their website and look at the topmost graphic cards and compare them with other counterparts.

Other Features: 

  • Stresses GPU to estimate 3D gaming performance via DirectX
  • Measures GPUs ability to render frames
  • Calculates GPUs performance with regards to geometry shading


7. Unigine 2

Unigine 2 for windows 10

Is one of the best free GPU benchmark software which tests the graphics performance of your computer. It even tests your GPU’s stability and checks if it can work in a high-intensive gaming environment. You can trust the results given by Unigine Heaven as it offers 100 % GPU bound benchmarking. Apart from measuring the performance of the GPU, it even monitors clocking.

Other Features:

  • Real-time scene rendering
  • Supports multi-monitor configurations as well as stereo 3D
  • Checks your PC for the cooling system and power supply
  • Presence of different themes – Valley, Superposition, Tropics, Sanctuary, and Heaven


8. MSI Kombustor

MSI Kombustor gpu benchmarking program

MSI Kombustor is a dedicated GPU benchmark and stress test software that uses cutting edge Vulkan and OpenGL API. It is based on the renowned FurMark software. MSI Kombustor is not just a GPU test software, but it even pushes your GPU to perform to the maximum limit.

Other Features:

  • Decent and easy to use customizable interface
  • Shows exact temperature and how much load a game or video is putting on it
  • A burn-in benchmarking tool which tests your GPU’s thermal performance as well as stability




Is a no-nonsense GPU test software that is known to put heavy loads on your computer’s hardware, but it gives accurate hardware errors. It tests overclocking parameters like frequency, voltage, and resolution.

Other Features:

  • Use MEMTEST to check errors in graphic card memory and POwer supply test for testing PSU
  • Has a powerful graphics rendering engine
  • Free for personal use and payable for corporate use
  • Detects most errors in 5 minutes of deployment


10. PassMark


Another software that can tell you that your GPU is worth the money is PassMark. Using its PerformanceTest, you can test your GPU. It is supported on Windows 10/ 8/ 7 and even the lower versions as well. You can install the trial version for 30 days.

Other Features:

  • Compare  how your GPU is fairing up in comparison to other GPUs
  • 2D graphic test include bitmaps, fonts, text, vectors, and other GUI elements
  • Run PerformanceTest directly from the USB
  • 3D graphic test include DirectX 9-12, OpenCL tests and DirectCompute tests


11. Novabench


A free GPU benchmarking program, Novabench assesses both the graphic and processing abilities of your computer. After determining these parameters, it gives you a score that you can further share with your friends. It is quick in delivering results and takes merely a couple of minutes.

Other Features:

  • Gives a comprehensive comparison of the specs
  • You may not need to install it, and it can run directly using USB
  • GPU tests include OpenCL compute test and Direct3D 11/ Metal graphics test


12. FurMark


If you are a gamer and looking for a lightweight graphic card benchmark software, your search might just end at FurMark, which comes from Geeks3D. It might not be as flashy as its counterparts, but it gives you a sufficient amount of information pertaining to your graphics card. And, it is a decent GPU stress test and stability tool.

Other Features:

  • Can also efficiently monitor GPU temperature
  • Contains GPU benchmarks for presets ranging from 720p to 4K
  • Utilizes GPU-Z, GPU Shark, and CPU burner tools


13. Superposition

Source: benchmark.unigine.com

Superposition comes from the makers of Heaven. It offers exceptional stability and performance tests for PC hardware, including power supply, video card, cooling system, etc. It’s free of cost, and it can compare your graphics card with the leaders on Unigine. The visuals are powered by Unigine 2 engine.


  • Offers clock monitoring and GPU testing
  • Comes with dynamic lighting technology
  • You can check your GPU’s performance of integrated mini-games
  • Customizable settings


14. Cinebench 15

Cinebench 15

Though it is primarily intended to be a CPU benchmarking application yet, it is undoubtedly one of the best software to test graphic cards. It runs on OpenGL API. It lays down a comprehensive comparison of your graphic card compared to other brands through a series of tests.


  • Compares real-world tasks with a rendering of an image
  • The test is based on high-resolution textures, million polygons, and various effects
  • It also checks frames per second


15. CPUID powerMAX


At the outset, CPUID powerMAX tests your GPU in the most stressful environments to catch hold of errors. More specifically, it performs a burn-in test so that the GPU’s temperature and power dissipation can be maximized.


  • Easy to use minimalistic interface
  • CPU and GPU are simultaneously tested
  • A burn-in test is performed wherein a 3D scene is run, which lays stress on GPU.


16. AIDA64


AIDA is a great GPU test software that gives you comprehensive GPU details pertaining to all major brands’ graphic cards. It also comes with a sensor panel that provides you with information pertaining to sensors on your PC. While it is not entirely free, the trial version comes for 30 days.

Other Features:

  • Uses a 64-bit multi-threaded stress testing module to let the computer use its maximum limits
  • Also tells you about GPU temperature.
  • Keeps you updated on any hardware issues


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best GPU Test Software?

While all the above GPU benchmarking software are the best, depending on the usage and size, you could go for MSI Afterburner, Unigine 2, or even GFXBench. However, all these GPU testing applications would give you accurate results that would further optimize your GPU.

What Is The Need Of A Graphic Card Benchmark Software?

In a nutshell, it tells you if your graphics card is functioning correctly or not. And, in case it has overclocked, the graphics card benchmark software would be able to tell you if it is stable or not. It would continuously keep you updated on frames per second or any stutters that generally occur if there are any graphics card errors in a high-intensive gaming environment.

How To Check Graphic Card Configuration On Your PC?

You could either use one of the above-mentioned GPU test software or follow the path mentioned below if you are a Windows 10 PC user –

Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings (Option under Multiple displays) > See Display information. We’d still suggest that you choose a GPU benchmarking software as it would give you a real-time picture of your GPU when pitted against a game or video.


So, there you have it, these are some of the best GPU benchmark software that can help you test your GPU’s capability under stressful environments and then you can optimize your computer’s settings accordingly. If the blog helped, give us a thumbs up and follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

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