8 Best Internet Speed Booster For Android That You Must Have

8 Best Internet Speed Booster For Android That You Must Have

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Nothing is more irritating than slow Internet! But in this scenario when we have limited bandwidth and the users are increasing each day, getting lower speed is quite normal. However, there are several internet speed boosters for Android users which can be utilized. Do you know about them? If not, you are at the best place to be as here we have listed down the best Internet speed booster apps for Android! But why do we need speed booster apps anyway?

What Is The Need Of Internet Speed App For Android?

Apart from sharing of bandwidth, there are other issues as well which might be responsible. For example, low RAM, full storage, too many applications that need connection without interruption, abundant of cache and junk files, and several other. Though these seem quite harmless, they become responsible for low speed internet! But we have solution for this problem in form of several applications.

8 Best Internet Speed Booster for Android to use

Go through the list given below that will enlighten you about some of the best Internet speed booster apps.

1. Internet Booster & Optimizer

This is the best app available for Android and anyone can rely on this! No matter if you have Wi-Fi connection or you use mobile data connection, this will work for you! The developers claim that their main motto is help people utilize most of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) speed.

Internet Booster & Optimizer


  • It optimizes your RAM, cleans cache memory to optimize your device’s speed.
  • It runs commands which optimize the way our device connects with ISP.
  • It automates a series of commands that puts your browser on the topmost priority of your Android system.

2. Internet Speed Booster

If you are someone who is tired of slow speed, then Internet Speed Booster is all you need! It is free and simple to use. The developers claim that this app can boost internet speed by 40-80% without root! The best thing about this app is that this is compatible with almost every Android device.

Internet Speed Booster


  • It stops background applications so as to increase available bandwidth.
  • It improves latency and cleans DNS (Domain Name System) cache.
  • It adjusts parallel connections for boosting speed.

3. Speedify – Bonding VPN

If you are someone who is frequent traveler, YouTube, video blogger, or someone who needs to be online without interruption, then this is the best internet booster for Android. It is designed for every type of users and is secure. It has straightforward interface which helps you combine cellular and Wi-Fi connection. With this getting super speed is as easy as snapping fingers!

Speedify - Bonding VPN


  • You can test your internet speed with this.
  • You need not worry about security as this app is completely reliable!
  • It can be used in more than one device if you upgrade this!

4. Internet Speed Master

It modifies system files but will surely increase the internet speed. If you are concerned about security, then you can keep your worries at bat because it is well known Linux tweak. Though this app is completely secure, app developers ask you to take backup of your device. The reason behind this is that this app intends to modify a few system files which may have adverse effect on your data.

Internet Speed Master


  • All ROMS are supported.
  • It adjusts TCP/IP files to boost internet speed.
  • This app can be used by everyone despite the root status of their device.

5. Network Master – Speed Test

The developers of this app claim that if you are facing continuous issues with your internet connection, then this is the best internet speed booster for Android is what you need! Well, this is not just an app to boost your internet speed, but a complete package which takes care of your privacy and security as well. Also, you can test speed of your internet connection using this application without any hassle!

Network Master - Speed Test


  • Speeds up phone by shutting down unnecessary background applications.
  • It can resolve network issues as well.
  • It also helps you prevent misleading downloads for your security.

6. Connection Stabilizer Booster

In case you have trouble in net connection which is hampering your internet speed, then this is the ultimate solution! This Internet speed booster app helps you in resetting your network connections which eventually help in establishing a secure connection. If required, this will modify TCP/IP settings as well and help you get a stable connection !

Connection Stabilizer Booster


  • It has highly customizable design.
  • This can fix 3G and 4G LTE speed problems as well.
  • It continuously monitors the data flow to keep track of the same!

7. 4G Connection booster

With this application, your speed gets enhanced because your connection is renewed, and your ISP assigns you a new IP as it is not aware of this. The best part is it works with all the operators and you can rely on this for enhancing the speed of internet for seamless and uninterrupted connection.

4G Connection booster


  • It clears cache and improve connections.
  • This application is user-friendly and has simple interface.
  • You can optimize connection and improve buffer discharge using this!

8. WiFi | Mobile Network Speed

This is your personal assistant if internet speed is your concern. With this application, you can easily control your data expenses as well. The developers claim that they do not test speed but tell you the actual speed which is being recorded by your device! Also, it clears your Wi-Fi network so that the speed is enhanced.

WiFi-Mobile Network Speed


  • You can choose the best network after comparing speed between your WiFi and cellular network.
  • You can measure the speed real time.
  • This app is user-friendly.

Even though this list is limited, some of the best internet speed boosters for Android have been listed on this! Have we left an internet speed booster app which is worth listing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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