5 Best iPhone Apps That Block Social Media

5 Best iPhone Apps That Block Social Media
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Social media addiction is something really difficult to overcome. The minute you wake up, you check your phone for notifications from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and another social media application. This distraction not only wastes time but also excludes you from the real world.

This disappoints our loved ones more.

If you are also one of them, juggling between the work, your addiction to social media could be overwhelming. If you want to break this distraction, looking for a way to do so, you have come to the right place. You have a lot of apps available on the App Store to help you break free. Let’s look on to some of the best iPhone apps to block social media.

What These Apps Do?

Luckily, there are developers who are concerned about users so that they don’t drip into the black hole of social media.

Now, you might be wondering what it is these apps do. These apps help you focus on your work by removing Internet and offline distractions. Whenever you want to concentrate on something important, you can schedule focus time. During this time, all these apps will be blocked. You can also keep a check on apps usage time by setting a reminder for it. Whenever you exceed the set time limit, the app reminds you of it.

Hence controlling your online behavior.

List of Contents

  • 1. Offtime
  • 2. Moment
  • 3. Flipd
  • 4. Space
  • 5. Block Social Media

Apps That Limit Social Media Time iPhone

Now you know what these apps do. To simplify your work and break this addiction, we have listed some of the best iPhone apps that block social media.

1. Offtime

Offtime is an app that limits social media time on your iPhone which enables you to control smartphone usage by tracking it in real time and scheduling timeouts to help you break through. Let’s scour the features of Offtime:

  • It tracks and compares your device usage to help you improve.
  • It enables you to set personal device usage goals
  • Use the app alone or ask people to join you to OFFTIMEs
  • It provides you daily feedback and overview on your smartphone usage.

So now set your personal goals and control your device usage to minimize your reel life interaction. To monitor the smartphone usage, the app uses GPS or location data so that it could track the activity in real time. It shows the reports of usage in daily, weekly, monthly and consolidated form to show your progress.


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2. Moment

One of the best iPhone apps that block social media is Medium. It helps you to track the usage of your and your family’s iOS devices. Let’s look at the features of Moment:


  • It can monitor your phone and your family members screen time to control the addiction.
  • You can schedule your screen-free dinner time, this means for the next set time duration, no one can use their phone or else an annoying alarm will go off
  • It can track which app is used the most on your iPhone.
  • It also keeps a track of how many times you pick a phone to use it.

You can change the daily limit to control the usage. The moment your time is up, it forces you to go off your device. The app runs in the background so once you set it up, you don’t have to open it again.


3. Flipd

Flipd is one of the apps that limit social media time on your iPhone by hiding social media apps to help you focus on your work. Let’s take a look at the features of Flipd to know what it can do:


  • It tracks the usage time and the time you didn’t use the app. Check the time which you save to motivate yourself.
  • You can schedule reminders whenever you want no distraction.
  • Attending classes or working at home, get reminders to Flip off to save yourself from distraction.
  • It lets you use a full lock to hide diverting apps

Flipd makes you more productive and helps you to stay focus. Once you have locked selected apps on your iPhone for a duration of time, you can’t go back.

4. Space

Yet another iPhone app that blocks social media, Space helps you break the social addiction. This app is quite popular and is downloaded by over 1.5 million people. Let’s take a look at the features of Space:


  • You can customize a program according to your phone usage habits and preferences.
  • It provides you the opportunity to set and define your goals regarding your phone and unlock that is needed on it.
  • It tracks your phone usage behavior and shows you the progress that you have made within 2 months
  • It also sends non-intrusive notifications to intrude when you are following unhealthy behavior on your phone and helps you to stay focused.

Space is an app which is available for free as well as paid version. If you want to compare your progress with your family and friends, you can get Space Pro for $2.99. The app uses Location Services to track your phone usage in real time.


5. Block Social Media

Block Social Media is another app which helps you keep your time spent on Social Media in check. Let’s take a look at the features of Block Social Media:

Block Social Media

  • You can check the time spent, set limitations, block apps to avoid distraction.
  • You can also check which social media app is used the most.
  • It can block access to social media as and when you exceed your set daily limit.
  • You can also block an app for a while if you want to concentrate on something urgent.

Block Media app is available in free and paid version. It is not just a screen time tracking app, it helps to concentrate on your work and prevent you from wasting time.


Fight Off The Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone addiction is unhealthy in many ways. One of the most important concern is it wastes your time and procrastinate your work. Moreover, you spent more time in the reel world than real. This brings communication gaps and is not healthy for any relationship that you have.

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So, to fight off this addiction, you need to accept that you need help. Then to start with using any of these listed apps that limit social media time on your iPhone and get through with it!

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